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The hidden world | Zhenjiang vinegar incense in the mellow human tourism Sohu – you may not have been to Zhenjiang, but you must contact Zhenjiang vinegar, unusual dinner 232 dumplings with a few drops of Zhenjiang vinegar taste can make your taste buds open at Zhenjiang "beautiful people jealous" slogan the weekend off to Zhenjiang to invite a lover to start a "jealous" tour, which will have a first experience with the scenic city Jinling hotel. Pick the Zhenjiang Hotel actually hesitated for a long time, Jinling scenery hotel is located in the center of Zhenjiang city is not the preferred location on the map is to see from the town station (south high-speed railway station is only 10 minutes). In line with the principle of the supremacy of the lazy called the hotel telephone, understand the feeling down the location of the hotel is very good, 10 minutes of high-speed rail station, near Mount Beigu, Mi Fu Park and other attractions, from the main attractions of downtown (xijindu, Jinshan Temple) is 20 minutes, the key is I like quiet. The hotel is located in the new position is quite in my mind. It is the first scenic city like hotel reservation service, when to inform the front desk in the morning arrived, the hotel arranged a special intimate breakfast, two or three minutes to end occupancy, breakfast has been sent to the room. Confirm the trip when I asked about the taste of the food is light, the breakfast is really in my appetite, this move is very intimate. The decoration style hotel Show, the hotel’s appearance and internal tone are imitation of European style entrance lobby is hidden but somewhat low-key atmosphere, the hall light brightness control better, to the guests as bright and dazzling visual effects. The time of admission is a recommended the VIP plan, each hotel brands have their own integration policy, Air China, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Hainan Airlines check-in members can get double mileage rewards, this activity for aviation and old efforts to attract or can, by the front desk with a VIP card, also has a corresponding upgrade plan lived some nights, you can upgrade, enjoy more treatment, treatment details I can not remember not to mention, the down service experience or meet my needs, will not care about more specific service conditions. For the VIP card this kind of thing, I have always been the attitude is that I do not take the card, so many kinds of life cards, bus cards, work cards, medical cards…… Now the money card wallet is light, as long as the rights and identity or mobile phone number is bound to the front desk, a number will be able to enjoy the corresponding treatment, the more convenient, in view of this, I do not bother to take the way to show you the VIP card, card is also good, fine texture, with you still want to see the rights of content and experience to meet the needs and tastes. Check in is the 7 floor of the deluxe room, objective evaluation, all the rooms are around the central courtyard seems similar, air conditioning equipment are installed in the courtyard, so the corridor will have a slight sound of air conditioning cabinet. Fortunately, the room’s sound insulation effect is good, there is no noise in the room, the benefits are so相关的主题文章: