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"Peerless master" will stall the Lunar New Year’s day Amber Kuo Lu Zhengyu hug – Sohu "entertainment" peerless master file   Lunar New Year’s day; all the creative call setting file poster [Click to view photos] Sohu (Zhang Ningwen Ma Sentu Zhao Mingqi entertainment news video) in October 23rd, the movie "peerless" hand held high profile conference in Beijing, director Lu Zhengyu to bring the public Amber Kuo, Wei Fan, Joan Chen and other creative debut film is scheduled to announce the 2017 Lunar New Year stalls. Lu Zhengyu early years won the "hip-hop Quartet" fame in the network, then the network movie "peerless master" led "hip-hop Trilogy" attention. He has been the co writer joined the "Westward Journey" and drop the article, as co writer and executive director in this year’s Lunar New Year stalls in the movie "Mermaid", "master" is a film big screen directorial debut Lu zhengyu. The "degenerate Street open street celebration conference site to restore the main film scene, showing a mysterious and talented men still remained in concealment snack street. The press conference, Lu Zhengyu, Wei Fan, Chen Chongji led Amber Kuo daughter Xu Wenshan to form the "furnace pot of rice soup" peerless combination debut. " " boiler; rice   in the host under the guidance of several stars were selected from the "degenerate Street" props, Lu Zhengyu endorsement "brilliant," said furnace furnace fire, to make a good work." But Amber Kuo chose a "good pot", as the film’s jokes play a good chowhound, pot is "good home". Wei Fan chose the name "good meal" Steamed Rice, meaning "plain white rice all-match, this is the highest realm of practice." During the meeting, several stars talk about the characters, Lu Zhengyu and Amber Kuo as a couple, in the film director admitted that the pursuit of the dream of the movie, is to be able to cooperate with the goddess. Amber Kuo said, he is a very romantic in the film always chowhound, trouble, is a good pot to be married". Subsequently, Amber Kuo at the scene bear hug LUZHENG rain, attracted to the scene repeatedly exclaimed. And Wei Fan as the grandfather of Amber Kuo in the film, but also broke the news director Lu Zhengyu scene is very strict, but because they understand that, and the director is virgo. Wei Fan, daughter of the children of Xu Wenshan group photo of the birth of her daughter, the daughter of the first appearance of the president of the conference was one of the surprise of the conference, one of the children in the world, the daughter of. It is also the first time Joan Chen mother and daughter two hands together to perform the film. The name of a "red" words she picked out a scene that soup pot, "a table delicacy, with a bowl of cooked soup carefully, it is more successful." Joan Chen in the film played a role called "Tom", and Wei Fan will plays "Jerry" to start a feud. In addition to the "peerless furnace pot of rice soup", the film side also exposed the breath in eight master, starring Kong Lianshun, Huang Ling, Yang Di, Kodak, Kurada Hosho, Alan, Zhao Yingjun, Wei Xiang. Master who came to power on the identity symbol role carry special banner appeared one by one, in order to reveal their roles, and all the above all kinds of title is laughing. With the "two group creative masterpiece" and "master".相关的主题文章: