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Pay attention to your bad mood, will let the baby suffering from depression – mother often says Sohu mother, today the baby yelling, but he have got food all over the floor, and refused to change diapers, too angry I could not help but now good guilt, how to do. So, today I’m going to talk to you about your bad mood and your baby’s depression. This new word infant depression (baby depression). You’re not wrong, 6 months following the baby will be depressed. Dr. Jess Shatkin, of the children’s research center at the New York University, points out that depression is entirely possible and not uncommon, and that 1 of every 40 babies may be depressed. Those mothers with postpartum depression, or the family atmosphere of long-term tension of the baby, more risk of depression in infants. If the baby continued to have the following performance, it is worth attention: 1 facial expressions are not happy, and refused to adult eye contact, often staring somewhere in a daze 2 social little chance 3 feeding difficulties or sleep difficulties, irritability irritability, 4 hysteria 5 weak, and the children don’t interact without interest 6 separation anxiety or very strong. On the contrary, a sense of dependence but without control, children under 3 years of age, there will be more or less than the performance, especially when the discomfort of the sick, if only occasionally, does not represent the baby have anxiety or depression tendency. However, if the three consecutive months every day, it is best to consult a doctor to rule out the risk of children’s mental illness. Sometimes we pay too much attention to the baby’s diet, sleep, but do not care about the mood of TA. Baby can not speak and express their own time, emotional and mental health is easy to be ignored. The doctor pointed out that the human tendency to depression is a congenital genetic factors, but acquired influence is also very important. Depression is a serious topic, I would rather believe that my readers do not have depression baby. However, the baby by the parents of negative emotions (anxiety, anger, stress, etc.), is not uncommon. Parents have a serious anxiety and depression tendency, the risk of depression in children is three times the risk of others; often angry parents, more likely to raise a timid, cowardly, insecure or aggressive children. However, because the child is younger, the stronger the plasticity, the more attention to the psychological world of TA, the more likely to raise a happy, sunny baby. Now according to my own experience, up to the novice parents emotional management 5 suggestions: 1, face anxious whether lack of sleep or a novice parents, two bear children of parents, are likely to experience anxiety. Because the young baby endless feeding and urine fart, crying, teething, wake up in the night, and the baby’s rebellious period are very overwhelming (choking). You easily from two of the world, at any time to eat snacks, watch movies, from time to time to go to travel, suddenly became 24 hours to serve a baby, this anxiety is normal. Overcoming anxiety is like being a monster相关的主题文章: