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Web-Design After kicking around the idea for a TurboCAD blog for a year or so, Ive finally, with a lot of help from colleagues, finally got off the ground. The nuts and bolts of work tend to leave no time to do the interesting stuff, but were here now and I hope that the site will be a resource that will not only inform, but be a place where TurboCAD users can share their ideas, expertise or maybe just show off their work. Over the next few months it will grow to include a gallery of drawings, tips, video tutorials, lists of shows and anything that I think fits. There will be a growing list of links to other sites that I think will be of interest to us all and Im very open to suggestions. Through my travels doing shows and running training days Ive met CAD users, both 2D and 3D working in a wide variety of fields, sometimes using a .bination of design software in interesting and sometimes unusual .binations. Im sure that many would be delighted in sharing their experiences and experiments. The site is only just starting, but my hope is that it will constantly evolve and develop into a useful forum for us all, but this will mean some of you out there getting involved, so let me know of your projects, your difficulties, your successes and well see where it leads. see you there. Avanquest UK .pany Profile Avanquest Software is a world leading developer and publisher of consumer software and business solutions. The Group markets a wide range of best-selling programs developed both in-house and by developer partners throughout all territories and through all sales channels. Founded 20 years ago Avanquest Software possesses one if the most extensive catalogs in the world, now offering more than 1,500 software titles, with an unparalleled breadth of market appeal. Avanquest is the sole distributor of TurboCAD in the UK and maintains close links with the publisher, IMSI in the US, through Paul Tracey, the product manager. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: