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Patience, sometimes is the best way to communicate with the child’s Sohu children’s innocence, maternal childhood fun, we do these parents is not the life they have satisfied light of heart from care, toys, as long as not dangerous activity or object, basically the parents are not going to stop, usually have these conditions the child had been satisfied. And, of course, with the company of the parents, it’s perfect. As for the mood, experts confirmed: each person from birth are some of the most intense emotion of children about 3 years old, and every day will be because of some work or living things get upset, return the home to see the children get out of order, reason with him and he did not listen, suddenly anger to come up to. The child to his face is a scolding, but the children want to one day without the mood to meet mom and dad about the intimacy of the ashes, it is The loss outweighs the gain. Besides, the children put the house out of order, it is because he in the sensitive period as possible under the play, children do not listen to your comfort, sometimes because the child one day not see mom and Dad, want to act in pettish, this is normal. When the child’s interest is completely covered, followed by the child’s emotional vent. When the mood is not good, if you can go home before the moment of calm, the children to come towards you, you will feel so warm. When you see the house full of toys, appropriate to boast about the child, and the child said to help him with a fun box, remember, even if the body is tired, do not bring negative emotions to children. Don’t speak with the children without the so-called truth, to know how to guide the children, he did not see the time to stop, and will not play a good effect, but will enable children to become aggravated. Parents have to do is follow the child meant to guide them, or if they do not listen, then it can be appropriate when children taste the bitter taste, such as when he kind of consequences, he will understand the nature of the. Parents’ patience, is sometimes the best way to communicate with the children, only adjust their mood, is likely to affect the child, otherwise not only let the children have a good personality, will affect his future for one thing, the most important is the impact of family harmony.相关的主题文章: