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In Smartisan M1 wallpaper photography contest, winning SONY micro single – Sohu technology is simple and beautiful, the lock screen sweeping has been the Smartisan OS logo of visual features, users can own favorite pictures set as wallpaper, and do not have to worry about it will be obscured by other information. Previously, we are from a professional photography website carefully selected some pictures made of wallpaper, placed on the system for users, but the number and speed of updating by manpower and energy limited, so in the new Smartisan OS open network interface wallpaper, but still can not meet the demand for a large number of users beautiful wallpaper. Since the Smartisan mobile phone by professional photographers and photography enthusiasts alike, and our new mobile phone Smartisan M1 M1L Exmor RS is equipped with a 23 million pixel stack type image sensor, the maximum resolution of 4K, but also has a large aperture,? 2 double anti shake, three focus and professional camera mode, camera very powerful. So this time, we decided to hold the "Smartisan M1 wallpaper photography contest, using your own hands Smartisan M1 M1L for mobile phone wallpaper photo shoot and published in the forum, the winners will receive a SONY micro single camera. Time: time: 2016.11.14 to 2016.12.14 awards time: December 15th, the design department of the hammer technology will be selected for 123 prize each one: hammer technology official forum using Smartisan M1 M1L to upload your photos, and retain the original figure, keep the corresponding EXIF information. Wallpaper size required for: 1440×2560, the camera is recommended to open the camera’s maximum resolution and professional model, the need to indicate the use of mobile phone models and indicate the corresponding repair software name. The content sharing section in photography, the title should be #M1 # photography wallpaper note: 1 at the beginning of the game for the wallpaper photography contest, so it should be a good wallpaper, but only a good picture is not enough; the 2 must use the Smartisan M1 or Smartisan M1L mobile phone to shoot; 3 upload you can use the Smartisan OS album works of the built-in filters, also allows the use of mobile phone app to adjust the picture, but prohibited the use of computer terminal PS software, once discovered immediately disqualified; 4 to retain the original author, keep EXIF information, and indicate the type and use of graphic software; 5 once the work will be adopted, in the picture fixed area shows the author information, so please pay attention at the time of the shooting in the picture.相关的主题文章: