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Lovely stay adorable it has set off a wave of low-cost high Black Whirlwind? Shanghai automobile Sohu represents a way of life, is exquisite, fashionable, pragmatic, efficient, living in a city where is essential to have a bosom friend playmate, can let you in dreams but also enjoyable. In a word, happy, Guangzhou TOYOTA new dazzle play big coffee can definitely make you happy dreams into reality. There is a saying that, to be honest, 100 thousand yuan, why like new dazzle like boutique hatchback, rather than a mediocre three car? Because the cool car look more flying; because, in the aspect of the road shuttle car cobweb more freely; but also because of its interior space and comfort as a car three car, but also because of its excellent quality, fuel-efficient worry, second-hand depreciation less, not slow down your wealth. So the new dazzle really so good? Let’s have a real experience. In terms of appearance, the new dazzle changes mainly concentrated in the design above. The new design will dazzle the hypotenuse changed the original appearance, will greatly widen, formed on both sides of the 3D surface, and fog lamps and LED daytime running lights, a package, face has become wide and low elongation. Another important change is the use of the design of floating roof, and a change is the antenna from the front to the rear; and five spoke wheel hub from the original design into ten spoke wheel design. The appearance of the new dazzle make snap change, also completely changed the new dazzle positioning of the vehicle more movement, thereby locking in the young consumer market. Also worth mentioning is that the new dazzle the new "lemon yellow" body color, also let the new dazzle bright and vibrant. In the interior, the new dazzle retains many classic design elements, but in some of the detail of the design to do a very subtle changes, such as the storage compartment beside the handbrake is changed, become more shallow and wider, another change is the storage box in front of the grid into two. The entire interior, the new dazzle using the upper and lower separation of the console design, combined with the drawing of the control line design, the entire space becomes more generous. It is worth mentioning that the new to dazzle with piano paint and metal decoration, and interior materials, wear-resistant material, more durable and delicate. All buttons and switches are integrated design, more concise. The new dazzle interior design, although not much change, but on the whole, the quality of the interior has been changed and improved. The new dazzle changes not only in the exterior and interior, more importantly, where you can not see, also made a lot of important changes, the new dazzle completely changed the previous A-class car chassis system inherent low technology configuration, but the automatic models are equipped with super smart S-CVT continuously variable transmission (8 speed simulation); at the same level models, the first line comes standard with vehicle stability control system (V相关的主题文章:

Network female anchor for the sale of large scale performances 15 yuan can buy 600 – China Network tokyo hot n0476

The network anchorwoman for selling large scale porn performances: 15 yuan to buy 600 – Beijing, according to "Internet information services management approach" to spread pornographic information constitutes a crime before someone broke in a live APP, found more than female anchor live scale is too large, or even pornographic performances. Yesterday, the Beijing morning news reporters on the platform of unannounced visits, see a lot of anchor scantily clad, and a sound giggle and flirt, tease the audience for gifts, and even the emergence of nudity, the reporter found that the add anchor WeChat suspected of selling pornographic video. The live platform staff said the platform 24 hours patrol, according to the degree of violation of punishment. Internet information service management approach, express, spread pornographic information has constituted a crime. Vulgar content full broadcast yesterday, reporters on the live APP, in the popular anchor list, the reporter points to open has been broadcast, the female anchor dressed in low collar jacket and skirt, in front of the camera while twisting the body, occasionally also will skirt to show up, hips, interact with the audience when the female anchor did not forget to chat the initiative for a gift. Daily economic news reporter noted that at this time there are more than 1800 online users are watching simultaneously, as well as people continue to enter, many users began to stop for female anchor crazy brush. In another broadcast between the scantily clad female anchor, the camera on the chest, and a provocative sound to attract users. "Off", "dew point", some netizens booing, female anchor with his shoulder, "you should brush more than twenty thousand gift, I took off my jacket." Voice just fell, the screen pops up two Ferrari sports car, with the surge in the number of gifts, the anchor actually exposed chest to show gratitude. So "dew meat" to sell our reporter found that "Ferrari" each worth 300 yuan from the gift area, and "diamond ring", "watch" and other virtual gifts are in more than one hundred yuan, but only 11 to 12 in the evening, the reporter observed nearly ten female anchor receive gifts amounting to more than 1000 yuan, these are anchor asked the audience to brush gift in exchange for their indecent actions. In addition, the live with the anchor seduction, many users have a message, asking for micro signal. The reporter saw, female anchor will continue to yell, "brothers brush up, gifts and attention, I will add your WeChat." Then, the reporter added a female anchor in WeChat, confirm each other is a female anchor, on a live service given each 50 yuan half an hour, there is a sale of pornographic video photos, and wrote "a website in the cloud disk, as long as 15 yuan, can provide 600 of her obscene video". Reporters from the other side of the circle of friends recently released to see, she will sell the sort of pornographic videos for buyers to choose, the number of remittances to their direct said, want to recruit a customer service, busy". Spread pornographic information constitutes a crime and then to the Beijing morning news reporters live APP to reflect the situation, the staff said, the platform has 24 hours of network inspection, we will according to the different degree of non-compliance penalties for the anchor. For the clothes exposed anchor we will warn, and the spread of pornographic content, will direct the title." But the staff admitted that a lot of illegal Dan相关的主题文章:

Jiangsu lifts brother award 5000 yuan lift water drowning old man for 10 minutes e3300

Jiangsu lifts brother award 5000 yuan lift water drowning old man 10 minutes of Yangzi Evening News (reporter correspondent Wang Xu Wang Guozhu) the old man pulled back sunscreen net, accidentally kicked caikong fall into the Hanoi river near the 4S shop staff Zhang Jun regardless of freezing and sporadic odor, struggling to jump into Hanoi to save. Because the bank was not vertical, landing, Zhang Jun grabbed a hand in the river water pipe, water holding the old man, more than and 10 minutes later, with the help of everyone in the old man rescued. Reporters yesterday from the relevant department, Zhang Jun won the honorable prize of 5000 yuan. "No, no one has fallen into the river." In November 12th 4 pm, came a hurried Jingjiang near the sound of distress, issued a distress signal in a nearby 4S store guard Jiang Xiaoguo. Jiang small old, can not swim, the shop staff heard to, but no one can swim, you do not worry. At this time, 4S shop staff Zhang Jun came over, the clothes did not have time to take off, they jumped into the river, and the fastest speed to the drowning. The river was very dirty, often exudes the smell, 3 meters deep, regardless of Zhang Jun, into the water, from the back of one hand hold water, put his head out of the water to swim to the river side. However, the embankment is vertical, Zhang Jun and water to the shore but not on the shore. Zhang Jun saw a drainage pipe under the embankment, immediately grabbed. No one on the shore of Henan, and all the people in the north side of the river, to the other side of the river for a long time. Colleagues encouraged Zhang Jun insisted, while shouting for help. Everyone shouts started a family on the South Bank of the river, people notice drowning families. The families shouted to help bring you the next door neighbours, ladder, rope, bamboo and other rescue tools. A hand holding the old man Zhang Jun, in the water to support more than and 10 minutes have been exhausted, at this time, there are two rescue swimmers jumped into the river, replacing Zhang Jun holds water. Finally, we join in, drowning and Zhang Jun finally rescued ashore. According to reports, to save guy Zhang Jun 26 years old this year, Taizhou City, Jingjiang Bridge Town, originally as a crew, better water. Rescued the master Liu, more than and 50 years old this year, was in the backyard vegetable pull back sunscreen, accidentally kicked caikong fall into the river. The reporter learned yesterday, Zhang Jun recently won the Taizhou City courageous bonus 5000 yuan.相关的主题文章:

The new gas traded today Jiuding investment bet heavily in four years is expected to usher in antik

The new gas traded today   Jiuding investment bet heavily in four years is expected to usher in the dawn of energy — "Securities Daily" the reporter understands, Xinjiang Xintai gas Limited by Share Ltd A shares in September 12, 2016 will be listed in the Shanghai Stock Exchange transaction. The company’s A share capital of 160 million shares, the number of listed shares of 40 million shares, the securities referred to as new natural gas, securities code for the "603393". According to the new gas previously disclosed prospectus letter of intent, the company will raise funds for the construction of the relevant gas projects and supplement working capital. Among them, the total investment projects invested 1 billion 527 million yuan to raise funds to be invested for the amount of $1 billion 22 million. According to reports, years of investment in natural gas project construction and management process, the new natural gas not only to boost Xinjiang local urbanization, industrialization and Xinjiang gasification process, a more comprehensive realization of the scale and improve the layout of the terminal market distribution system, become Xinjiang city natural gas industry leading enterprises. Talking about the company’s advantages, the new natural gas burning board further said that the cycle of the city gas pipeline infrastructure construction, large investment, and in the same supply area are generally not allowed to repeat construction. As a result, the operation of urban pipeline gas operators in a specific area of gas supply has a natural monopoly, the wider the pipe network coverage area, the larger the scale, the more obvious the first mover advantage compared to other competitors. It is worth noting that China is gradually adjusting the energy structure, vigorously develop natural gas, natural gas consumption growth, the future development of a huge space. At the same time, in recent years, Xinjiang’s natural gas pipeline laying into the high growth stage, the length of the pipeline in 2014 grew by 25%, the same year the population also achieved a high growth of gas population of 29.1%. As a major natural gas producing areas and the import area, Xinjiang has a cheap and stable supply of natural gas, is expected to advance along with the laying of the pipeline, the total consumption of natural gas in Xinjiang will be significantly improved. Need to mention that, Jiuding investment has been in four years ago has heavily invested in the new natural gas. With the development of new natural gas market, Jiuding investment is also expected to usher in the dawn. The prospectus also shows that in 2012 July, the company passed Yantai, Jiaxing Jin Wen Yuan Jiuding Jiuding, Jiaxing Qihuan Jiuding, Jiaxing Zhuang Jiuding with monetary fund to Xintai Co. (they are not reformed) capital, subscribed registered capital of 6 million 600 thousand yuan, the price per 1 yuan capital increase the registered capital of 8.89 yuan, the current pay the total price of 58 million 670 thousand yuan. So far, Xintai Co. third capital, Jiuding investment official stationed in. After the capital increase, after the equity transfer, Jiuding investment (9 Fund) the total cost of about 192 million yuan to take a 18.98% stake in the company, after holding shares of Dongming further away (47.7%), become the second largest shareholder of the company. (reporter Li Chunlian) (commissioning editor Du Yanfei and Wang Jing)相关的主题文章: