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In the "perfect decryption factory" FAW – Volkswagen car how to make high quality car – Sohu recently celebrated the 25 birthday of the FAW – Volkswagen, once again usher in the market news. The latest data show that the FAW – Volkswagen Volkswagen brand sales in September reached 133020, an increase of up to 30.4%. It also highlights the FAW – Volkswagen’s high quality products competitiveness. October 20th, we follow the FAW – Volkswagen discovery tour came to the FAW – Volkswagen Southern China base, here to explore the birth of high-quality cars. When it comes to Southern China base, you can not mention the golf family here. September Golf family sales exceeded 20 thousand mark, reaching 20129 vehicles, which listed in this year’s new golf · Jia brigade also favored by the market, sales reached 4287. The urban multifunctional hatchback, a perfect fit young family lifestyle needs more city, the market has attracted many fans. From golf, golf GTI, golf R-Line, and then to the new golf · Scarlett brigade, FAW – Volkswagen Volkswagen brand brings its most prestigious classic models and diversification of the family line of products for the domestic market. Now let’s go into the "perfect factory" of the golf family! "Discovery Tour" into the FAW – Volkswagen Southern China base "green factory", "perfect factory" into the FAW – Volkswagen Southern China base, the first thing is to see the lawn and the road on both sides of the shade. With the automobile industry base, the general impression is different, the image of the Southern China base has a more relaxed atmosphere. Southern China base has always been a "green factory" and "perfect factory" title. The beautiful environment of the factory is only one aspect of the "green factory". According to the introduction, as the domestic auto industry’s first awarded China Green Building Council "green industrial building" Samsung certified factory, FAW Volkswagen Southern China base in the construction of the whole life cycle, will maximize the energy and water saving, material saving, protect the environment and reduce pollution. Southern China base uses a number of environmentally friendly processes and measures to create a green plant in Southern China base environmental protection in many ways. In the production process, not only the world’s advanced environmental protection coating workshop 2010 water paint technology, spraying room circulating air to achieve 80% recycling, the waste gas, the FAW – Volkswagen also used gas combustion, water purification etc.. In addition, the workshop building exterior wall sandwich plate with better performance, to maintain a constant temperature in the workshop, reduce the energy consumption of the base; 10 MW photovoltaic power generation projects, more and more clean energy; solar lights and other facilities, let the base operation be fully in such subtle. The "perfect factory", it means that the Southern China base is the reference plant construction standards of Volkswagen perfect and reasonable perfect plant construction principles for the overall planning, the use of the concept of lean, walking in front of the industry in all aspects of technological level and production capacity. September 2013 completed and put into operation FAW – Volkswagen Southern China base.相关的主题文章:

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"German myth" burst? Foreign media: infrastructure more and more bad – Sohu finance has been the Chinese people generally believe that the quality of German products is good, "made in Germany" in China and even sought after as a myth". In fact, German manufacturing is equal to high quality? Foreign media gives a different answer. A welding workers are repairing between Germany Leverkusen and Cologne A1 bridge according to the CNBC report, due from Leverkusen to Cologne between across the the Rhine on the bridge has been unable to bear the weight of them, hundreds of heavy trucks on the road to the fourth largest city in Germany is slowly detour. This has become a common scene. Ernst · (Ernst Grigat); Gayle, operators of chemical facilities in the park the European chemical industry responsible person, business distribution in three industrial parks, one in Leverkusen. He said, "when you see the steel tear off the bridge, you will realize that the old bridge is badly in need of repair." Crumbling bridges and traffic jams are destroying Germany’s global reputation for efficiency. The infrastructure of Europe’s largest economy is slowly deteriorating as the United States has invested in the past few decades. Now, although the budget is tight, the German government is still trying to rebuild the country’s roads, bridges, railways and waterways, so it’s too late. 2006, in the world economic forum’s global competitiveness report, the overall quality of the German transport infrastructure ranked third in the world, and this year has dropped to the eleventh place, the United States ranked in the top thirteenth. Last month, the German Ministry of transport and digital infrastructure approved a plan to invest 269 billion euros ($300 billion) over the next 15 years to build and modernize the country’s infrastructure. The plan gives priority to the restoration of existing systems, and 70% of the funds are allocated for maintenance of existing facilities. "This will be the strongest infrastructure project ever built in Germany," said Michael, Groschek, Minister of construction, housing, urban development and transportation. Highway and railway bridge, cracks in the deteriorating infrastructure investment has forced Germany put on the political agenda, the United States presidential candidate Donald · and Hilary · Trump; Clinton had promised to spend hundreds of billions of dollars to rebuild U.S. highways, bridges and ports. "Like the United States, Germany’s roads, bridges and ports are getting worse," said Marcel Fratzscher, director of the German Institute for economic research in Berlin. However, in the two countries trying to rebuild the infrastructure of the national, state and local levels of government cracks. For example, the Brookings Institution researcher Adie Tomer said that in the United States, federal funds are often used for the national highway system, and local roads need emergency repair. "The interstate highway is in good condition, but in fact there are more problems with local roads," Tomer said. When it comes to funding, Germany also lacks coordination between the federal and local governments. Germany)相关的主题文章:

Zhang Zhanwei served as secretary of the Jiyuan municipal Party committee no longer serve as xingbayounichunnuanhuakai

Zhang Zhanwei served as the Henan Secretary of the Jiyuan municipal Party committee secretary   in Changqing no longer job of local leaders, September 12 Beijing Xinhua (Tang Jiayi) according to the Jiyuan municipal government network news, the afternoon of September 9th, the city of Jiyuan Municipal Committee held a meeting of leading cadres, announced the Henan provincial Party committee decided: Comrade Zhang Zhanwei of the CPC Jiyuan Municipal Committee, standing committee, secretary in Changqing, comrades no longer serve as secretary of the CPC Jiyuan Municipal Committee, committee member. According to local leaders database shows that Zhang Zhanwei in Henan province discipline inspection system long-term since December 2015 as the Henan provincial Party committee, director of office of inspections (department level). Comrade Zhang Zhanwei resume Zhang Zhanwei, male, born in October 1963, Han nationality, Henan, Yichuan, graduate degree, master of law, in May 1985 joined the Communist Party of China, in July 1985 to participate in the work. 1981.09 Henan University Department of history the history of professional learning in Henan province 1985.07 labor personnel cadre 1988.09 teachers in the Party School of the Central Department of history theory of professional learning 1991.07 Henan province labor personnel cadre work 1992.07 Henan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Office (room) deputy director general director of the office of the Henan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection of the 1997.04 Deputy level inspector, inspector general office of Henan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection of the 1997.07 1999.08 Henan Province Commission for Discipline Inspection Office (Branch) deputy director of committee member of director of Henan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission for Discipline Inspection Room 2001.02, 2003.02 in Henan Province, Provincial Communications Department discipline inspection group, Department of Supervision Department of Henan province 2007.03 2010.06 Henan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Committee, deputy director of the provincial supervision department of Henan Province Commission for Discipline Inspection of the 2010.07 Standing Committee of the 2015.12 Henan provincial inspection office director (department level), Secretary of the Henan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Committee of Jiyuan municipal Party committee of Henan 2016.09   member of the Standing Committee of the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection; ( information as of September 2016) more channels of original personnel more click query related news and more information on local leaders:   (commissioning editor: Tang Jiayi, Xu Donger)相关的主题文章:

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Leading Gongjusiyong was reported after two months is still driving the bus – Sohu of Hubei province news worship center directly under the office of the "number one" Lee reported by the masses in Gongjusiyong, submit a written explanation, expressed "serious" recognizing the problem after only two months, Lee was driving the bus carrying parents and relatives together to worship in their hometowns. After being reported again, Lee was dismissed. September 25th, the Hubei Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision department issued every Monday case". This story, in January 4, 2016, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection in the provincial Office of the discipline inspection group to reflect the masses, director of the center directly under the Department of Lee gongjusiyong. The discipline inspection group were immediately on Lee Gongjusiyong problem. January 19th, Lee submitted a written explanation, said he recognized the seriousness of the problem, and immediately correct. Now the car parked in a public parking lot, no Gongjusiyong ". March 28th, the masses to reflect the discipline inspection group, said Lee still does not converge, continue to work without the use of unauthorized bus. According to the discipline inspection group further verified, March 20, 2016 (Sunday), Lee driving the bus carrying parents and relatives together to worship. That the discipline inspection and supervision departments, Lee used his vehicle management unit of convenience, in violation of the provisions of Gongjusiyong, constitutes a violation of discipline and error in the masses, the discipline inspection group to give warning, still do not know, not only to convergence, Gongjusiyong violation of regulations, the circumstances are serious. In July 28, 2016, the provincial authorities discipline committee decided to give Lee the party a serious warning. The office of the Party Central Committee dismissed lee. Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection believes that a small number of units, the number one as a way out of the law, said a set to do, not only is himself, it is difficult to change people, and after the big eighteen still do not accept the hand does not converge. What is more, the organization conversation reminded when weak, contempt of the disciplinary authority "against the wind", or even deceive organization. For this, should not leave "sensibilities", resolutely punish people.相关的主题文章: