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UnCategorized Popular titles like "How to win friends and influence people" are symptomatic of the general opinion of being influential: it’s a very good thing. If someone described you as an "influential" person – you’d be pleased, wouldn’t you? Wielding influence .es with the notion of authority, respect and positivity… the trick is to know how to harness it. The positivity of influence speaks for itself. Think of the alternatives – coercion, persuasion (although that’s not always bad), manipulation, bribery, even bullying. Influence is all about getting your way – the nice way. We all have influence. The first mistake people make when thinking about influencing skills is that only people in a position of power or authority have them. Not so! Think of a bad influence – we all know one of those: still influential, but in a negative way. If you want to be a good influence at work, you don’t need to be a leader or manager. Put that idea out of your head, and then think about who you could possibly influence positively at work, and why you would want to. Co-operation is the key to influencing: you want people to co-operate with you in a team, or for a project, or in any business relationship (selling is an obvious example – you want to get customers to buy!). In short, you want someone to agree with your way forward, in a way that makes the proposal positive for both of you. What drives influence? It almost sounds too simple, but we humans all have a basic need to be listened to. Think about it – being a "good listener" is always a positive characteristic. People respond well to being listened to – that’s why the other alternatives such as coercion won’t work… it creates difficulty further down the line. If you ‘hear someone out’, you are, in fact, influencing them positively, showing that you are aware and interested in their side of the deal, or their part of the job you want them to co-operate with, If you’ve ever had a boss or colleague whom you felt didn’t listen to a word you said, did you feel valued or motivated? Probably not. Trying to find joint motives – or .mon ground – is another way of influencing, it makes people .e onto your wavelength immediately. Let’s say you wanted a colleague to work late with you to finish a project. They don’t want to. You know, however, that your colleague has .plained about projects always running behind. Your influence could be finding that you both agree about the negativity of missing deadlines, and then mention that by working late, you’re going to meet this one. It makes your proposal so much easier for them to digest – and you don’t feel like your request is an imposition. Different types of people respond to influencing in different ways – there are literally hundreds of different training courses on Influencing Skills that will help you to identify and work positively with different kinds of people. What works in influencing one person may backfire on another. Influencing Skills should be tailored to individuals – interestingly it’s one of the few things in business that can’t really be applied generally. Another interesting phenomenon to consider before you take up any kind of training on Influencing Skills is this: some people don’t actually feel happy or .fortable being an influencer. Not so hard to imagine if you think about it – it’s probably very similar to the almost universal fear of public speaking – you are the focus of attention, and it’s the same with being influential. There can be other things at play – whether your self esteem as an employee is low (same for morale), or if you’re just not used to being in a position of having to get other people on your side. The trick, as mentioned before, is to embrace the realisation that you are already an influencer – if you have kids, you’re their biggest influence. The same goes for the rest of your family, if you’ve ever sold anything (influencing people to buy), or just trying to debate something. Influence is everywhere, and if you harness and execute it well in your professional life – you’ll be the person everyone wants to do business with. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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Business A number of my company’s benefit auctions in Washington, D.C. will include a printer’s plate in the silent auction. What is a printer’s plate? The plate itself is a slab of imprinted metal which is traditionally used in offset printing. The raised areas of the plate carried the ink, which was transferred to a rubber blanket and onto the printing surface (i.e. the paper). That said, newspapers of today are created through the use of computers. So these donated plates have never actually been used to create the paper. Although the image is identical to what guests saw on the front page of the daily paper, these plates are smaller than a traditional plate would be. The plates also seem to be constructed of a lighter metal than what I would have expected from a traditional plate. A couple of my clients have received multiple plates from the newspaper donor. The newspaper has a number of plates made and then seems to disperse them to non-profits and other organizations. For example, one client had been given two printer’s plates from November 5, 2008 – the day the world learned that the United States had elected its first African-American president. For fans of President Obama, history buffs, or even just news junkies, the plates were a unique piece of history, regardless of whether the plates were those actually used to print The Wall Street Journal. According to my clients, these plates are relatively easy to obtain. here in Washington, D.C., several non-profits have procured a printer’s plate from The Washington Post and from The Wall Street Journal. If you are wondering how to procure a printer’s plate, start with your local paper. If you have a contact, call him or her first. For groups lacking a contact, call the paper and ask for the Community Relations or Marketing departments. These internal teams traditionally handle donations to organizations. They can inform you as to whether the paper has plates, and – if so – if they are available for donation. If there is a particular date important to your group (such as a birthday, or the anniversary of a building opening), ask about the availability of that unique date. The uniqueness of the date might attract bidders! If you believe the plate will sell well, ask if you can receive two of them. The advantage of this is that if the item is later deemed "live auction worthy," at least you have two plates to sell … and the auctioneer can earn twice the money for your charity. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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Music Country music stems from the Appalachian region where during the 18th and 19th centuries a majority of the population were of Scotch or Irish descent. These physically isolated mountaineers performed the Scotch Irish folk songs of their ancestors. The folk based musical formula consisted of ABAB rhyming quatrains citing personal experiences combined with the vocal and harmonic characteristics and subject matter of religious hymns. Appalachian and or Scotch Irish music centered around the fiddle, and this remained so even after the intrusion of railroads in the 19th century brought new musical influences and instruments to the region. Traveling minstrel shows imported the banjo, providing a unique sound to accompany the fiddle, Appalachia’s primary instrumental voice. By the early 1900s, now affordable, mass produced guitars gave singers a broader chordal and rhythmic base than the less versatile banjo and fiddle. This new arrangement of vocals with primary guitar accompaniment provided the base of contemporary Country music. In the 1920s, radio broadcasts, most notably Nashville’s The Grand Ole Opry (first broadcast in 1925), brought Country music to wide popularity. Recognizing commercial potential, recording pioneer Ralph Peer announced auditions in 1927 in the Bristol, Tennessee newspaper. The indigenous musicians straddling the Virginia and Tennessee border showed up in droves. They included Jimmie Rodgers and The Carter Family. Drums first appeared in Country music with the recordings of Jimmie Rodgers ("Desert Blues" and "Any Old Time") in 1929, though they were excluded from traditional Country circles, most notably The Grand Ole Opry. They remained largely excluded from Country music ensembles until the 1930s, when Texas musicians, notably Bob Wills (with drummer Smokey Dacus), created "Western Swing," adding drums, other Big Band rhythm instruments, and more complicated harmonies than those of traditional Country music. Also, as the name "Western Swing" implies, the primary feel was "swung," as opposed to the straight feel of most other forms of Country music. When Wills appeared on the stage at The Grand Ole Opry on December 30, 1944, the Opry’s ban on drums was lifted exclusively for his performance, and then promptly reinstated. During the same decade, another relative of Country music appeared in the West, as Roy Rogers and Gene Autry pioneered "Western" music. Western music differed considerably from both Appalachian hillbilly (Country) music and Western Swing in that it downplayed instrumental virtuosity, was primarily vocally oriented, and more especially crooner oriented. The subject matter of its songs differed greatly, too. Instead of the strange duality of gritty and religious songs, Western performers sang pop songs (e.g., Gene Autry’s 1941 version of "You Are My Sunshine") and original Western songs portraying a heavily romanticized West (e.g., "Cool Water" and "Tumbling Tumble Weeds"). Western music’s greatest star in the latter half of the 20th century was Marty Robbins ("El Paso"). Western lives on today in nostalgia oriented groups such as Sons of the Pioneers, though its popularity has diminished. When drums are used in this style (often they’re not), they normally play slow Country Shuffle grooves and are very much in the background. The mainstream of Country music had made its way into the night life of cities and run down bars by the 1940s. And in the latter part of that decade, Country’s first post war "superstar," Hank Williams, developed the "Honky Tonk" style. This featured what has become the standard Country instrumental line-up: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, electric bass, drums, vocalist, and often pedal steel guitar and or fiddle, and occasionally piano. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: