Zhang Zhanwei served as secretary of the Jiyuan municipal Party committee no longer serve as xingbayounichunnuanhuakai

Zhang Zhanwei served as the Henan Secretary of the Jiyuan municipal Party committee secretary   in Changqing no longer job of local leaders, people.com.cn people.com.cn September 12 Beijing Xinhua (Tang Jiayi) according to the Jiyuan municipal government network news, the afternoon of September 9th, the city of Jiyuan Municipal Committee held a meeting of leading cadres, announced the Henan provincial Party committee decided: Comrade Zhang Zhanwei of the CPC Jiyuan Municipal Committee, standing committee, secretary in Changqing, comrades no longer serve as secretary of the CPC Jiyuan Municipal Committee, committee member. According to people.com.cn local leaders database shows that Zhang Zhanwei in Henan province discipline inspection system long-term since December 2015 as the Henan provincial Party committee, director of office of inspections (department level). Comrade Zhang Zhanwei resume Zhang Zhanwei, male, born in October 1963, Han nationality, Henan, Yichuan, graduate degree, master of law, in May 1985 joined the Communist Party of China, in July 1985 to participate in the work. 1981.09 Henan University Department of history the history of professional learning in Henan province 1985.07 labor personnel cadre 1988.09 teachers in the Party School of the Central Department of history theory of professional learning 1991.07 Henan province labor personnel cadre work 1992.07 Henan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Office (room) deputy director general director of the office of the Henan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection of the 1997.04 Deputy level inspector, inspector general office of Henan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection of the 1997.07 1999.08 Henan Province Commission for Discipline Inspection Office (Branch) deputy director of committee member of director of Henan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission for Discipline Inspection Room 2001.02, 2003.02 in Henan Province, Provincial Communications Department discipline inspection group, Department of Supervision Department of Henan province 2007.03 2010.06 Henan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Committee, deputy director of the provincial supervision department of Henan Province Commission for Discipline Inspection of the 2010.07 Standing Committee of the 2015.12 Henan provincial inspection office director (department level), Secretary of the Henan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Committee of Jiyuan municipal Party committee of Henan 2016.09   member of the Standing Committee of the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection; (people.com.cn information as of September 2016) more channels of original personnel more click query related news and more information on local leaders:   (commissioning editor: Tang Jiayi, Xu Donger)相关的主题文章:

Leading Gongjusiyong was reported after two months is still driving the bus to worship – Sohu news jessica rabbit

Leading Gongjusiyong was reported after two months is still driving the bus – Sohu of Hubei province news worship center directly under the office of the "number one" Lee reported by the masses in Gongjusiyong, submit a written explanation, expressed "serious" recognizing the problem after only two months, Lee was driving the bus carrying parents and relatives together to worship in their hometowns. After being reported again, Lee was dismissed. September 25th, the Hubei Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision department issued every Monday case". This story, in January 4, 2016, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection in the provincial Office of the discipline inspection group to reflect the masses, director of the center directly under the Department of Lee gongjusiyong. The discipline inspection group were immediately on Lee Gongjusiyong problem. January 19th, Lee submitted a written explanation, said he recognized the seriousness of the problem, and immediately correct. Now the car parked in a public parking lot, no Gongjusiyong ". March 28th, the masses to reflect the discipline inspection group, said Lee still does not converge, continue to work without the use of unauthorized bus. According to the discipline inspection group further verified, March 20, 2016 (Sunday), Lee driving the bus carrying parents and relatives together to worship. That the discipline inspection and supervision departments, Lee used his vehicle management unit of convenience, in violation of the provisions of Gongjusiyong, constitutes a violation of discipline and error in the masses, the discipline inspection group to give warning, still do not know, not only to convergence, Gongjusiyong violation of regulations, the circumstances are serious. In July 28, 2016, the provincial authorities discipline committee decided to give Lee the party a serious warning. The office of the Party Central Committee dismissed lee. Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection believes that a small number of units, the number one as a way out of the law, said a set to do, not only is himself, it is difficult to change people, and after the big eighteen still do not accept the hand does not converge. What is more, the organization conversation reminded when weak, contempt of the disciplinary authority "against the wind", or even deceive organization. For this, should not leave "sensibilities", resolutely punish people.相关的主题文章:

Japanese car monopoly ASEAN new energy vehicles into China – ASEAN cooperation in new opportunities norton disk doctor

The Japanese car monopoly ASEAN new energy vehicles into new opportunities – ASEAN cooperation Chinese Beijing News Agency in Liuzhou on 15 September, (Lin Xin) "the ASEAN automobile market was almost Japanese automobile monopoly, but the new energy vehicle market is still in its infancy, there is greater cooperation in space." Feng Jiacai, a senior member of ASEAN Association of engineers, is optimistic about the new opportunities for China ASEAN cooperation in the automotive industry. September 13th to 18, the sixth session of the Chinese ASEAN (Liuzhou) Automotive Industry Expo held in Liuzhou, including money, from China Feng and the ASEAN countries of the officials, experts and business people attended the car. The construction of China ASEAN Free Trade Area, effectively promote the bilateral trade, many Chinese independent brand car into the ASEAN market, to seize the place. But at present, the annual sales of Japanese brands in ASEAN countries accounted for more than 90%." The forum said China ASEAN automobile industry cooperation and development with the Expo held in Frederick on. "Now, ASEAN countries automobile consumer market has changed, will usher in some new opportunities for cooperation." Introduction, environmental protection, low cost, green, energy-saving cars are becoming more and more popular, is becoming the main auto consumers in ASEAN, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia’s second best-selling vehicles. At the same time, ASEAN countries have introduced a series of measures to develop new energy vehicles. Thailand, the introduction of preferential policies to encourage alternative energy vehicles can enjoy 10% or 20% of the low consumption rate, low cost development plan of Indonesia green car, Malaysia has put forward new energy vehicles in 2020 accounted for 85% of the total domestic production of cars. In the development of new energy vehicles, Chinese agree without prior without previous consultation with the ASEAN countries. Since the China since 2012, puts forward the goal of the development of new energy vehicles, have issued a series of policies and measures of financial subsidies, priority, open license. In the first half of 2016, China’s new energy automobile production and sales volume of more than 170 thousand, becoming the world’s largest new energy vehicle production and consumption countries. Aimed at new energy automotive market opportunities, Chinese car companies and ASEAN countries have launched a number of cooperation." Zhang Chengbin, director of the China electric vehicle hundred consulting department. March 2016, China’s own brand car BYD Indonesia 150 K9 pure electric bus orders. The bus is scheduled to start in December this year, batch delivery, in the end of 2017 to complete the construction and commissioning of all vehicle delivery and charging stations. August 2016, Singapore’s first pure electric bus trial, after the trial operation of the bus provided by BYD. Recently, BYD has also been issued by the Singapore government 100 electric taxi license. In Zhang Chengbin view, China and ASEAN in the new energy automotive industry to further deepen cooperation needs policy support. It said, in addition to the appropriate purchase of subsidies, but also to reduce the cost of the use of new energy vehicles, electricity tariffs, tariffs and other aspects of relief, the establishment of charging piles and other supporting facilities." Liuzhou has been the sixth time to attend the Expo Thailand guests Zhao Jian, but also optimistic about China – ASEAN cooperation to build new energy automotive market prospects. It says that China has production technology and huge consumption相关的主题文章:

Viva forever — wavey read forever Freda mother – Sohu 音羽かなで

VIVA FOREVER — wavey read "forever Freda" – the first Sohu maternal understanding, but is the makeup of the synophrys face, said it is rough, but delicate, unique beauty. With the turning moment, just know this unique personality makeup, from the legendary European region’s most famous female artist — Frida Kahlo. Thus, the author of this creation, want to tell the life of Freda. Her name is Yu · Morales, a Mexican immigrant to the United states. Different from other pen calligraphy books, she introduced a puppet show, printmaking, painting and photography and other creative forms, complete the "Viva Frida", Chinese translation "forever Freda". Such a unique creative way, let the book gains in 2015, Kedik silver, the 2015 PURA BELPR award. Beautiful, bright, bright. Mexico’s national flower, dahlia. As if to say that this woman blossoms. "Forever Freda", the 32 words, 66 Chinese characters, a brief description of the life of Freda, if not seen I think about her, and I can’t read such tears. Freda, she is beautiful, even slightly some blemishes will increase her charm just perfect: for example, the two line almost thick eyebrows, her upper lip moustache. She loves Mexico gorgeous costumes, headwears and earrings also love beautiful, walking in the city, she did not care about other people’s eyes. This is Freda. However, she was 6 years old suffering from polio, a car accident at the age of 18, resulting in her spine, clavicle, rib fracture, broken pelvis, right leg fracture of the 11. In addition, her right foot dislocated, comminuted fracture, dislocated shoulder. A total of 33 big and small surgery, miraculously survived. For the sake of the body, she spent most of her life in bed, but still eager to fly freely. The parrot is her pet for life. In life, the pain of the body and the spirit of torture so that she suffered for many years, but she did not choose to give up, she has been trying to find their own treasure. Finally, she found the key. Don’t hesitate to turn it on. She is like the world of an outsider, laugh, laugh at the many; she doesn’t care about other people’s eyes, lengnuanzizhi, enjoy the wonderful life. Even though many hardships in life, Freda has always insisted on their dreams. She begged his father to buy a pen and paper, let mother in bed with her through the mirror, mirror painting, painting the lustrous and dazzling tortured her. Freda loves everything about Mexico, its color, folk art, traditional costumes, and values of integrity and family. Her works are described by their own stories, most of them are self portraits. In these works, Freda often put himself in the traditional costumes of Mexico, and the pain and death, also become the prey under the brush. People love her work and love her beauty. Even when she arrived in France, Picasso was going to entertain her, yes, the whole world相关的主题文章: