Our family has said the drug lords the mobilization of a villa to earn money (video)-vidalia

Our family has said the drug lords: the mobilization of a villa to earn money to keep traders suck a drug to fall the first she is gambling, drug abuse and drug trafficking, then. Eyes can not see at all. Her home is a drug store, followed by more and more. She always said his life can not even take care of themselves, but in just three years, she became a drug. She was swept away by her family. She has no friends. When she realized that seen for 30, some symptoms, such as night blindness. She likes to gamble, and then go to the casino, you need someone to accompany her, she can not see the dark. This disease is hereditary, to a certain age, cerebral atrophy, night blindness slowly deteriorated into cataract. Her father and brother were both genetically and nearly blind. Every few years she will have an operation, the first time in Nanjing eye hospital surgery, because one of the drugs caused by shock shock, almost killed. The operation had little effect, and by 2010, her eyesight deteriorated. In 2011, she could hardly see anything. She was full of 50. Listen to people say that she was at the time of the drug. The casino people have what dragons and fishes jumbled together. Some people take the ice called her suck, she wanted to breathe without what, but you can not quit. She started smoking and started the drug business. Usually, she’s taking drugs in the house. She closed the door in the bedroom, a table to the terrace with curling grilled smoked. Every day someone to find her drug, some of their own goods, and some of her please. A lot of people want to know her, it is for free two. She has a wide reputation in the Nanjing area. Want to buy ice from her hand, had offered her a bit, called a "Tao sister", my friends called her "Momoco". Cowboys all know that "Tao sister is a big." Tao’s real name is Tao Guangyu. Tao sister small stature, one meter 55, body fat, is the reason for the age. Her long hair, curly hair, eyebrows like a thin moon, when young lines up, eyelid tattoos also. She is blind, still maintain the habit of make-up, is not fine, only in a mirror dimly wiping point powder, then trying to rub lipstick, also can see the old graceful. There are a lot of legends about Tao’s experience, and it’s hard to confirm. Sometimes she talks to others and says, "my story is a novel."." She had grown up in the town of Jiangning District, after graduating from high school, maintenance of electrical appliances in Jiangning dongshan. When she was young, she was very pretty, much like a movie star, Rosamund Kwan. Although small, but plump, white skin. At the age of 18, she married a man in a fruit stall in the town. He was 19 years old and had a daughter, Ye Meina. Before long, her husband died of illness, she became a widow with a child. She had been with a disabled person, is a one armed. The man is very violent, often scolding her. She knew a college student, sexual gratification, but the man family does not agree, that feeling is the most to her regret. 27 years old, she opened a shop in Dongshan street, met a taiwanese. They got married in 1993, and she left her daughter with her husband, who lived alone with him for a few years in Taiwan. In Taiwan, men do lamps, she drinks wine相关的主题文章: