Open Up Your Medical Facility To A Wealth Of Flexibility When You Use Radiology

Health Many medical offices, cardiology units, dental and veterinary offices are turning to digital medical imaging. If you are considering doing the same, you will want to learn more about Radiology PACS. RIS PACS software offers the many options and flexibility you need to keep your medical facility, whether large or small, functioning at full capacity. Radiology PACS is a type of software used with a di. viewer and the Internet to allow you to archive, view and distribute your patients’ medical digital images. The software might also include RIS PACS, which allows you to integrate patient records, appointment scheduling and billing along with the digital medical images. Archiving of patient medical digital images is much easier with the use of a Radiology PACS or a cardiology PACS appliance. The "5" refers to the RAID 5 archiving capacity, and is a name for the .puter’s data storage. A RAID array aligns multiple hard disk drives in the .puter to function .patibly together. Ris PACS can be used to view many different types of medical digital images and records. MRIs, CTs, ultrasounds, mammograms, x-rays and others can be viewed with the same Radiology PACS software. Cardiology PACS is also useful in a teleradiology situation. This is when the di. viewer is connected to a secure transmission line online. The cardiology PACS software allows you to send and receive digital images across the hall to another physician, anywhere in your building, or to a consulting specialist located anywhere in the world with Inter. access. Cardiology PACS software can also be used as part of a PACS workstation. This means you can manipulate digital medical images using the software. You can perform tasks such as change the brightness or contrast, as well as zoom, rotate or crop the image. Using Cardiology PACS can also save time in retrieval of patient information. If you are using a ris PACS system, you can bring up a list of your daily appointments, and set the software so that the corresponding patient digital images are brought close to hand in RAID array hard drive storage, making for quick and easy retrieval. Ris PACS and other types of pacs software makes it easy to have all patient information in one central place for auditing purposes. For improved workflow and ease of use, pacs software brings great changes to your medical facility. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: