Only 30 disk into the city of Beijing property market Kim Gu lack of color yvette yates

Only 30 disk into the city of Beijing property market "Kim Gu" lack of color original title: only 30 disk into the city of Beijing property market "Kim Gu" quality shortage since the beginning of this year, the monthly trading volume of Beijing residential market fluctuation, but the monthly trading volume has remained at around 30 level. Into the past "golden nine silver ten" market season, supply has no breakthrough. It is understood that Kim Gu Beijing new home market only 30 market, pure new disc 14, the old project late in the 16. Affected by the lack of land supply, the project is expected in 2016 the remaining few months will not appear too large fluctuations in the volume, and next year the market situation will be more severe. Agency data show that the first 8 months of this year, Beijing open land market to achieve the homestead to sell only 7 cases, including pure commodity residential construction area of only 420 thousand square meters, and this year pure commercial housing transaction area reached 4 million 726 thousand and 100 square meters, commercial housing for the volume and ratio between the amount of need for a staggering 1:11. In this regard, the marketing director of Asian high Guo Yi believes that for state-owned enterprises, the central enterprises and the requirements for housing prices listed on the sales performance, the current real estate development is still adhering to the "high turnover" route, from the ground to get the project listed for the period of one year, so next year new supply will mainly rely on the homestead turnover this year. In the extreme shortage of residential land supply situation, will make it possible to market next year a handful of pure new disc. In addition, the commercial management of renewed rumors, although there is no clear regulations, but for the next period of time has not started the project planning approval will be more stringent, which directly affects the supply of residential projects next year. Affected by these two aspects, next year, the residential market will face a more severe supply shortage". It is worth noting that the project is about to enter the market in September, only 3 projects at a cost of about $35 thousand per square meter, other projects are priced at more than $60 thousand square meters, or the total price of more than 15 million yuan. From the entry point of view of the project characteristics, hardcover items increased significantly, of which 17 ordinary residential, refined decoration projects up to 11; in the middle of the commercial projects, there are as many as 6 projects refined decoration delivery. Increase the proportion of a hardcover, is guided by the government to enhance the development direction of residential product quality; on the other hand, is the developer of the project quality and enhance the value of products in the market under pressure, the best way to match the expected high price. With the future of the Beijing residential market trend continues to clear, the proportion of hardcover will also be further increased, and in the pure new disc which may be fully hardcover." Guo Yi said in an interview with the Beijing business daily reporter.相关的主题文章: