Online Providers Of Insurance Ce For Insurance Professionals – Can They Provide An Advantage Over

Reference-and-Education Like many other service professionals, registered Insurance agents and adjusters are required to stay up to date with the latest rules, regulations, and best practices of their industry through regular Insurance Continuing Education (CE) training. While each state has its own unique licensing requirements, all states require some level of periodic Insurance CE to maintain a license in that state. In general, states require a certain number of Insurance Continuing Education credits be earned every two years. Providers of insurance CE training must themselves be certified to provide such classes by the state in which the insurance agents they train are licensed. The insurance professional now has a couple of options in regards to how they receive their training. In the past training followed a traditional approach; a classroom setting in which a lecture is given and an exam taken. Once the exam is passed the results are sent to the state insurance licensing board to be recorded. When the trainee has completed sufficient credits by the deadline, they receive their license renewal for another two years. Classroom training has its merits. Agents and adjusters can meet one another, compare notes, and network. Points in the lectures can be clarified through discussion and Q&A. Most of us are familiar with the classroom environment and are comfortable learning in this way; however, there are several significant disadvantages to the classroom training approach: The training cost is relatively high because it involves travel and meals, use of rented space, and hiring a professional trainer. In a competitive field like insurance, this often represents costly missed opportunities. To address these deficiencies, online insurance continuing education courses provide a number of advantages not found in the classroom, including: The training cost is much lower and is often a mere fraction of the classroom version. 相关的主题文章: