One hundred meters to chase the bus to send his son to go to school on the sudden death of a

One hundred meters after the bus to send his son to school the man got into the car that sudden death – Beijing yesterday morning at 7 am, 49 year old man from Hangzhou, Mr. Yu, as usual, take the bus to send his son to school. Just out of the bus a long time, he fell down, never wake up. The second hospital of Zhejiang medical emergency room, a dozen workers were still trying to rescue Mr. yu. "I just went out for dinner yesterday afternoon. I’ll call him back at half past eight in the evening and ask him to come home early……" A gray haired grandmother holding people around crying once fainted, she is the mother of Mr. yu. Mr. Yu’s 9 year old son stood aside, red eye socket. 34 bus driver Shen master witnessed the accident occurred. The bus is from three to Wushan Square Tang Zhu yuan. 8 in the morning to 34 bus stops in the Huimin Road station, master Shen from the rearview mirror to see, the son hurried trot. Wait until they got in the car, start the car to master Shen, "the most trotted 100 meters." The boy sat in the back of the driver’s seat, while Mr. Yu was holding the handrail. Because it is the last second stops, the passengers will be on the four or five. "I noticed that he was looking for something in his pocket, and I didn’t know what to look for. I went out to more than 300 meters, suddenly heard ‘Bang’, very loud, I stopped." Master Shen recalled that when Mr. Yu is lying on his back, head almost to the next door position. The boy shouted to his father and said, "my father has a bad heart!" Passengers, someone hit 120, it was to give Mr. Yu cardiopulmonary resuscitation. The boy made a phone call to his home by a watch phone. Shen master after the alarm is also added to the first aid. "I noticed that his body stiff, we take turns to do CPR, wait more than and 10 minutes, his father-in-law mother-in-law arrived, but the morning peak, 120 has not come yet. After two or three minutes, I drove the bus to the hospital." On the way, Mr. Yu has been to father-in-law do cpr. Shen master in time, even ran 2 red light. Although the doctor tried to save, but mr.. According to the family, said Mr. Yu is a electricity supplier, every day to send his son to school, go to work again. His heart is not good, had considered a bypass surgery. "The other night, I was taking the medicine……" Mother in law did not go on. Emergency department Zhao, according to Mr. Yu’s history and symptoms, initially diagnosed as myocardial infarction caused by sudden death. Zhao said that people with this type of cardiovascular disease should pay special attention to their body, dizziness, chest pain and other symptoms can not be ignored. Every change of season, no matter or cerebral infarction patients myocardial infarction will be many, this time must pay attention to keep warm. Newspaper reporter Yang Qian intern reporter Liu Shihan相关的主题文章: