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Billion yuan investment can be made in Shanghai – Shanghai Fu Channel – original title: billion yuan investment in Shanghai manufacturing empowerment in a critical period of development of manufacturing industry in Shanghai, a major industrial project in Shanghai yesterday launched a historic. Nearly 100 billion yuan – this is the core of the international integrated circuit manufacturing capacity expansion project total investment, which is enough to make it one of the largest industrial investment projects in Shanghai in the past 10 years. And just two years later, the project’s newly built 12 inch wafer production line will be the world’s advanced level of technology, for mobile phones, smart terminals and other enterprises to provide core chips. Billion yuan, is eye-catching, but more important is the meaning behind the. Manufacturing industry in Shanghai has a deep inside, but in recent years, suffered a bottleneck. Shanghai early in the development of "13th Five-Year" plan for the first time, the manufacturing sector accounted for the proportion of GDP 25% to set up the bottom line; years, more is through the local version of the "supply side structural reforms" to support the manufacturing sector policy force. The latest statistics show that the Shanghai manufacturing industry in this year to draw up a steep bottom rebound curve. "13th Five-Year" at the beginning of the year, in the manufacturing sector continues to pick up the occasion, landing billion level integrated circuit manufacturing project, not only for "manufacturing" in 13th Five-Year 25% to the battle, but also in the future a longer period of time, add kinetic energy to the development of Shanghai. Break the bottleneck of funds, take "tunjin beast" "SMIC" expansion project is not involved in the new land, most of the investment of 100 billion yuan will be used to buy equipment and research and development. Of which 67 billion 500 million yuan for the formation of the monthly processing capacity of 70 thousand wafers, and the other part is to upgrade the existing 12 inch production line, supporting the construction of high-end photomask production line. Shanghai is the strongest ability of the integrated circuit industry, industry supporting the most complete area, the scale of the industry, there are three points in the world". In recent years, due to the development of the domestic mobile phone, networking equipment, intelligent terminal market, the rapid growth in demand for chips, SMIC production capacity of existing production lines have more than 100%. Insiders revealed that the company is now difficult to find a suitable time window, to the equipment maintenance. On the other hand, with the continued R & D investment, the technical capabilities of the local IC companies are also rapidly increasing, the number of patent applications in the forefront of domestic enterprises. Two factors superimposed, SMIC makes the expansion of production capacity, improve the process, into the high-end market more logical plan. Of course, pure market factors can not guarantee the development of the manufacturing industry. The industry has always been "tunjin beast" to describe the equipment of IC manufacturing industry — a seemingly insignificant value may be millions or tens of millions of dollars. In order to pay the high cost of depreciation, after the purchase of equipment for many years, companies may face sustained losses. In addition, because only a small number of enterprises in the industry can survive, in order not to be eliminated, but also need to persevere in technology and capital investment, which are integrated circuit manufacturing industry plays a very high threshold. Domestic social capital for the integrated circuit industry has long been evasive, but since 2013, it has been promoted as a national strategy. The nation was founded 1相关的主题文章: