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The northern city of skyrocketing housing prices fear devastating financial Sohu – domestic property market continued unpopular, prices first-tier cities rising speed is amazing, and in the soaring prices of the tide, hiding many hidden dangers. According to the National Bureau of Statistics announced in August the national large and medium cities residential sales data show that the overall upward trend in domestic prices. Beijing in August new houses and second-hand housing transaction prices rose 3.8% and 3.9%, the rate of rise far beyond the value of the year in July. Beijing housing prices triggered a global media attention, the recent foreign media will Beijing prices and prices in London to make a comparison, and expressed concern about the price of Beijing. British Financial Times published an article saying that many people would like to live in the city, but they can not afford to buy a house, can only live in the city’s radiation belt. The economically developed cities are developing rapidly, the growing population has brought huge demand for housing, but the housing of large cities can not meet their needs. London is facing this serious problem, and the influx of foreigners into the city of London could be a devastating blow to london. High demand, skyrocketing housing prices, many local people were out of the city. This pressing problem, also placed in front of Beijing. Read financial access to data, some of the leading global super city are facing this problem. Housing costs in urban areas are growing rapidly, New York, Tokyo and London are suffering. Beijing, St Paul, Buenos Aires, as a low-income City, but also have to face this problem. High housing prices tend to crowd out, more and more office workers can only move away from residential areas. Employees commuting distance farther and farther, which are the adverse effects of high prices. High prices will be a lot of talent away from the city, but the development of super city just need a lot of talent. This contradiction is irreconcilable, the British media have reported that a large number of talent loss will bring disaster to the progress of urban disaster. While the problem today, Beijing will face in the future will die. Beijing house prices have risen beyond imagination, more and more people forced to leave Beijing. Today, with the rapid development of high-tech industry, Beijing talent may appear fault phenomenon. This is extremely detrimental to the development of Beijing’s economy, but this situation is difficult to change in the short term. On the other hand, the forced migration of the local population will bring about a revolution in urban culture. Foreign culture will be an impact on the local culture, this impact may bring a new cultural attributes, of course, may also be a city’s culture completely shattered. High housing prices in Beijing is also aggravated, not only in Beijing, China’s first tier cities are experiencing this problem. And the rapid growth in house prices does not seem to stop the signs that Beijing is driving away some people, because prices have lost some of the control". The article refers to the original data, such as comprehensive reference information, and shall not be reproduced without permission相关的主题文章: