Nintendo to spoof of the game no deep space was renamed Mario-chompoo araya

Nintendo to spoof of the game "no deep space" was renamed "Mario Mario (No Mario’s Sky) in deep space" is produced by the ASMBGames of an action adventure game independent game, explore the elements of the equivalent of "join" unmanned deep space on the basis of Mario, developers said the whole universe has more than super exploration of the planet, and of course to spoof the survival game "unmanned deep space", and a tribute to the classic game "super Mario", the author takes only 72 hours to make. However, the spoof spoof, since the use of Mario’s IP, Nintendo will not let go. Related news: "no deep space" 72 hours "game player too slag without Mario made deep space" ASMBGames recently announced the "Mario space (No Mario’s Sky)" has received a copy of the DMCA of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act takedown request notification. ASMBGames had to make changes to the game, the protagonist will be replaced by a more sci-fi style Finn, the princess also changed to Mango. In order to play the spirit of the game, the game was renamed the Digital Millennium Copyright Law deep space DMCA ‘s’, the first pass was also named DMCA-DMCA, the author really is to play.相关的主题文章: