Ning Zetao exposes the situation completely meet the arduous task of

Ning Zetao exposes the situation completely meet the arduous task of healing: Ning Zetao JINGWAH times Rio Olympic Games, what Ning Zetao is busy? Last weekend, in the new series of public activities, Ning Zetao went to the hospital to visit the children with congenital heart disease, and then go to school to communicate with students, then the rain in the on-site public health run…… In the activity, Ning Zetao personally, to show their best side. He said in the communication with students, and life will inevitably encounter difficulties, to do their best, you have to overcome difficulties. Complete healing meet the arduous task of catching JINGWAH times: Rio Olympic achievements and expectations of the outside world has the gap, what do you think is restricting your play? Ning Zetao: actually, I also hope that you can get better grades in Rio, before all the efforts are running with this object, but the sport is so cruel, but I want to say is, I was in Rio has shown their best condition. JINGWAH times: Rio Olympic Games after you rarely come out, this time to do? Ning Zetao: before the body is injured, has not done thorough treatment, this time to do a thorough examination, is the main injury, then there is a more difficult task, the need for good health to do security. It’s the most important thing for you to have a healthy body. Spit aspirations are much indebted to their parents nine years away from home: JINGWAH times have recently set up what small target? Ning Zetao: to say that the small target, it is in the athletic field, but in life, is to give the parents to do the cooking, in addition to learn English, it is better to later be able to communicate with foreign friends. JINGWAH times: when it comes to the family, before you know that your parents have played a role model for your growth, how they give you positive energy? Ning Zetao: since I was 8 years old, we have a clear division of labor at home, the mother is responsible for life care, father is responsible for education. Mother I love very much, but in some matters of principle, she is very strict, not easily give father; though there is a sense of dignity in there, but he and I like friends, will encounter problems patiently for me to speak the truth, until I understand. Parents are in a very friendly and harmonious atmosphere to accompany me to grow up. JINGWAH times: you said this time at home to cook for their parents, is not to return to their parents in such a way? Ning Zetao: Yes, it’s been 9 and a half years since I left home at the age of 14. Parents always say I owe too much, in fact, I have always felt that they owe too much. When I’m with them, I always remember the happy time when I was young. I see, they are old, white hair has been. That kind of mood, I believe that many children have this experience. Talk about the responsibility to let the spirit of sports everywhere JINGWAH times: yesterday you also participated in the New York University (Shanghai) activities, between peers, how do you feel? Ning Zetao: once again into the campus, I feel that the youth breath again. Yesterday also felt the encouragement and inspiration, let oneself realize that no matter where they are, should be filled with youth, overcome difficulties and challenges, let us work together, and then can become.相关的主题文章: