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The college entrance examination next year. The 8 subjects exam content changed – topic Author Information Times reporter Liang Jianmin Zhang Chenping yesterday, "notice on the 2017 common entrance examination syllabus amendment" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice") of the news network. Guangdong provincial education examination confirmed the day before yesterday, has received the Ministry of Education Examination Center issued the "notice", each school will be the province recently received the notice, and make interpretation and adaptability test work accordingly. It is reported that the reform of the college entrance examination syllabus is mainly reflected in the increase and decrease. "Increasing" mainly refers to the examination of Chinese traditional culture on the whole content, such as increasing the knowledge content in the Chinese ancient culture; "minus" mainly refers to the subject of most part of the knowledge points are deleted, as in the current mathematics exam outline three elective module by deleting "geometric proof selections". Participate in the national examination of the college entrance examination subjects, except English subjects have to modify the content. Increase the fine traditional culture of the "notice" according to the assessment content, the 2017 college entrance examination syllabus revision content mainly includes three parts, the priority among priorities is to increase the performance of the excellent Chinese traditional culture content. "Notice" requirements, increasing the examination syllabus of Chinese traditional culture, and actively cultivate and practice the socialist core values, give full play to the educational function of the college entrance examination and positive guidance. For example, increase knowledge content in Chinese ancient culture, in Chinese (the subject for Xinjiang, Tibet and other minority students, and independent candidates in Guangdong) increase in classical Chinese traditional festivals, folk custom, etc., to increase the content of mathematical culture in mathematics. In addition, the "notice" requirement to improve the assessment objectives, combined with the subject characteristics and core Literacy Requirements in the syllabus in the connotation of the assessment objectives were revised in the examination of each appraisal target and carries out a specific analysis of detailed test cases, further explains the assessment objectives, to facilitate candidates understand and adjust the content of the examination for the exam; in the premise, emphasizing the common basis, a reasonable set of elective modules, meet the requirements for personnel selection, revision direction of fit of curriculum standards. For example, the practical Chinese text reading was set as a compulsory content, reading literary texts; mathematics elective module "to reduce the geometric proof of" selecting; physical 3-5 module as a compulsory course, conform to the standard revision trend. The six disciplines will cut the reporter noted that the college entrance examination syllabus changes involving except English subjects, including Chinese, Chinese, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, politics, history and geography. It is worth noting that there are 9 families in which there are 6 knowledge points have been deleted. For the deletion of knowledge points, Professor of education, South China Normal University, said Zhang Minqiang is a normal phenomenon. Scientific knowledge is mainly based on the needs of the development. For example, in 10 years ago, the computer is used by college students, and now high school students are also very powerful, so the need to be based on the development and change of the situation. Liberal arts is also based on the requirements of social development." Examination syllabus revision change list Chinese increased by 7相关的主题文章: