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New York Times annual book tells a story of how the polar bear? 2016 – Sohu New York Times "best" infant children list released, the best seller of the year Chanyu was founded in 1931, now has 85 years of history. In this year’s list, Xiao Bian met a pair of sad eyes. These eyes, will tell us a story? "Polar bear" Jeanne · Desmond in a warm room, the little girl took a book from the bookshelf, the book cover is a sad polar bear. The little girl did not understand why the Polar Bear looked so sad. In order to understand it, she decided to become a polar bear. Only to become a bear, it is possible to understand the life of a bear, the little girl so thought, began as a bear journey. The "s – Arctic cold!" Before starting, the little girl had dug out the thick equipment in the Arctic, but this place is insufficient to keep out the cold. But the polar bear walked in front of him, not cold at all. The little girl walked, while in his little book recorded the following data: leg short tail furry ears deep brown eyes blue black tongue 42 long and sharp teeth have bad breath long neck is long and thick with a variety of sounds big feet? The little girl hit a big question mark behind the food. Next, she did a lot of research: the polar bear is a carnivorous animal, 98.5% foods are meat, they primarily hunt seals, including ringed seal, bearded seals, seals, seals. In addition, they also capture the walrus, beluga whales, seabirds, fish, small mammals. Polar bears are similar to dogs, able to recognize the richness of our species. Polar bears can tell the location of the seals from miles away, and in addition, they rely on scent to find mates, detect danger and find their cubs. Polar bears usually have two ways of hunting. A method for. The polar bear long time waiting in the breathing hole seal side, etc. seals out of the sea, big paw "pa" shoot up, put it on the hook. Methods: two sneak chase. They directly dive under the ice, crept by the shore of the seal, a bite…… after eating and drinking, the polar bear will put Mr. body clean up again, let your hair become clean. " hey, my cat is black and the like. Polar bears will also like Mr. Black, eat and then go to bed? " the little girl did a survey: unlike brown and black bears, most polar bears do not hibernate. They like to sleep and sleep anywhere. Like humans, they sleep in different positions in different environments. On warm days, they back lying on his back on the ice, or just dead相关的主题文章: