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"New clothes" challenge leggiest variety Wu Xin self deprecating "transformation" – Sohu entertainment   Wu Xin; self deprecating " " transformation; entertainment Sohu launched by the Oriental TV variety star straddling fashion "my new clothes" will be held this week sixty return Oriental tv. The new upgrade of "my new clothes" is no longer used before the two season of the knockout, but take the inverse way create new styles, namely the goddess set psychological price, and from above the psychological price to buy a hand. This season, the goddess will join the top 30 designers at home and abroad to create the world’s top 60 fashion show. While the four resident, Wu Xin, Zhang Li, Lin Chiling, Wang Likun will also form the "goddess bestie" bring together the colorful visual feast for the audience. Recently, in the "goddess bestie" song together, but Wu Xin was the "horror": "this program for such long legs?" The sisters to "new clothes" in the program recording of the goddess, first met very harmonious. Wu Xin entered the final stage of the door was terrified, startled and asked: "this program for so long legs? No one told me!" Words have not yet finished, the other goddesses have been happy to break the work, Lin Chiling gave the first time a loving embrace of Wu Xin. On the other end to send a gift after the goddess, Wu Xin began to laugh at yourself up "the three of you have no transformation of the space, the three of you why? This is not a transformation of the program?" With the introduction of a laugh point of Wu Xin’s accession, the goddess of the atmosphere of the first poly particularly harmonious, the four permanent goddess with the box, the natural beauty of unparalleled. And then the host Lin sisters exchange collection node, just before Wu Xin and "collapse", a face of innocence "blame": God, even the host’s legs are so long! Since the "goddess bestie" announced after the discussion of the goddess of fans have never stopped. Many netizens message said "my new clothes" is the history of the long legged variety. Not only the high value of the face, legs are long, the goddess of the body are super!" "Three high goddess" Lin Chiling has always been the object of envy long legged fans, many netizens ridicule to Lin Chiling all the legs below the chest". "Oxygen goddess Zhang Li is often praised netizens legs, loves sports she remained in good shape. "Su Yan goddess" Wang Likun has also been praised for white slender legs by the media. Even have been labeled "legs" label Wu Xin recently to the stunning beauty of fashion counter attack! Four resident goddess how fun fashion? The first guest to join Fan Bingbing and will "goddess bestie" wipe out what kind of spark? Please lock the Oriental TV in late September 3rd 10, "my new clothes" for your surprise presentation!相关的主题文章: