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The network anchorwoman for selling large scale porn performances: 15 yuan to buy 600 – Beijing, according to "Internet information services management approach" to spread pornographic information constitutes a crime before someone broke in a live APP, found more than female anchor live scale is too large, or even pornographic performances. Yesterday, the Beijing morning news reporters on the platform of unannounced visits, see a lot of anchor scantily clad, and a sound giggle and flirt, tease the audience for gifts, and even the emergence of nudity, the reporter found that the add anchor WeChat suspected of selling pornographic video. The live platform staff said the platform 24 hours patrol, according to the degree of violation of punishment. Internet information service management approach, express, spread pornographic information has constituted a crime. Vulgar content full broadcast yesterday, reporters on the live APP, in the popular anchor list, the reporter points to open has been broadcast, the female anchor dressed in low collar jacket and skirt, in front of the camera while twisting the body, occasionally also will skirt to show up, hips, interact with the audience when the female anchor did not forget to chat the initiative for a gift. Daily economic news reporter noted that at this time there are more than 1800 online users are watching simultaneously, as well as people continue to enter, many users began to stop for female anchor crazy brush. In another broadcast between the scantily clad female anchor, the camera on the chest, and a provocative sound to attract users. "Off", "dew point", some netizens booing, female anchor with his shoulder, "you should brush more than twenty thousand gift, I took off my jacket." Voice just fell, the screen pops up two Ferrari sports car, with the surge in the number of gifts, the anchor actually exposed chest to show gratitude. So "dew meat" to sell our reporter found that "Ferrari" each worth 300 yuan from the gift area, and "diamond ring", "watch" and other virtual gifts are in more than one hundred yuan, but only 11 to 12 in the evening, the reporter observed nearly ten female anchor receive gifts amounting to more than 1000 yuan, these are anchor asked the audience to brush gift in exchange for their indecent actions. In addition, the live with the anchor seduction, many users have a message, asking for micro signal. The reporter saw, female anchor will continue to yell, "brothers brush up, gifts and attention, I will add your WeChat." Then, the reporter added a female anchor in WeChat, confirm each other is a female anchor, on a live service given each 50 yuan half an hour, there is a sale of pornographic video photos, and wrote "a website in the cloud disk, as long as 15 yuan, can provide 600 of her obscene video". Reporters from the other side of the circle of friends recently released to see, she will sell the sort of pornographic videos for buyers to choose, the number of remittances to their direct said, want to recruit a customer service, busy". Spread pornographic information constitutes a crime and then to the Beijing morning news reporters live APP to reflect the situation, the staff said, the platform has 24 hours of network inspection, we will according to the different degree of non-compliance penalties for the anchor. For the clothes exposed anchor we will warn, and the spread of pornographic content, will direct the title." But the staff admitted that a lot of illegal Dan相关的主题文章: