Network anchorman is retracted after being exposed to fake charitable money and put mud on the face

The network anchor is traced to the fake charity: after the money is collected, it is recovered to smear the mud on the children’s face. Public welfare channel Chengdu Business Daily reported on November 6th. Recently, a video circulated on the Internet and became a bullet piercing bomb that broke the fake charity volunteer group in the greater Liangshan area. In the video, two men in the fast broadcast platform broadcast live on charity, arrange a Liangshan village stood in two rows, then send money to the villagers live, and live after, these people from the villagers get the money back. After that, the man who sent money admitted that he would take the money first and take the video. After that, he would take it back. He really did it for himself. The purpose is to increase the number of fans and the amount of viewing, so that fans can give more gifts. Ironically, this man is the first in the fast broadcast secret pseudo charity "flag bearer", however, was his secret object in the counterattack, resorted to the killer, released a secretly recorded video. In fact, this is not the same "fake charity" that will be sent back first. After the rise of live network, a number of "volunteers" in the name of charity in the name of Liangshan, in fact, are engaged in the collities of philanthropic enrichment. "This is the" general rule – Charity ring ", live on charity hot search list, fans rose faster, with the fans, has everything." In the pseudo charity storm anchor "fast Jie brother said. [] to send money to live video exposure after shooting back again: after the parties acknowledge that money back up only for powder "pseudo charity" anchor "fast Jie brother" will be issued to the villagers money back after the broadcast, anchor "fast Jie brother said to send money to the villagers spread in the network video, become a strong evidence of a part of" volunteers "pseudo charity. In the video, a man in a black shirt left from the picture and said, "I’ll send you something…" Behind him, another man took a stack of large banknotes from a group of old people and children. Then the man was handed down to the black coat. The black man took the money and said, "take things." Put the money in the handbag and then shout, "go on, line up, line up, we continue to shoot!" A group of children gathered around the trunk of the car to prepare for something. This period corresponds with the spread of Internet video, is another video, the same place, the same group of people, the black man standing on the side of the elderly and children, hand waving a stack of RMB, "you are black powder, iron powder, I must do what my brother Jie said, should be the answer 30 thousand dollars all out…… 15 of the poorest families in the village were sent to 2000 yuan per person. " The black man in the finish lines, the money will be one by one handed the hands behind the villagers. The money on the same day, the black man rented a pedestrian local passenger transport company from Changan car license plate information can be seen, this is a Liangshan Zhaojue County car, reporter then contacted the owner, he said he was just the county passenger transportation center driver, car rental, car rental time before some people go to the village that is not the money, he was not sure. Through the investigation, the reporter learned that the video money man is a deft anchor live hand brother Jie ", recently," fast Jie brother "is broadcast platform, and several other anchor pinch, accused each other as" pseudo charity". After the video was exposed, he told reporters that he was stolen from the video. For this video, the host is a bit angry. The "fast Jie brother" also drying out the opponent’s video, once together charity of the northeast "wolf" fast "black uncle" became his secret object. "I admit I sent the money back, do they dare to admit it?" In the fast broadcast platform, "fast Jie brother" admitted that he made a mistake, and repeatedly stressed that Liangshan to do public purpose, "just to give up, quickly broadcast fans, so fans watch their love gift brush". It was with "fast Jie brother" with a netizen money scene also confirmed the matter on the internet. A "pseudo charity" behind the anchor mutual Jieduan: the other false "fast Jie brother broke the news:" they donated by the object of how miserable how to get "when they are exposed to the money", "fast Jie brother" has exposed the opponent not resigned to playing second fiddle, many of the "pseudo charity" insider. In his live video, "fast Jie brother broke the news that a fast broadcast platform on another in Liangshan" charity "famous anchor" fast black uncle "in the money, 1000 blocks to a man, once filming a video shoot back after closing then, to another old man, has sent 7 people. However, "fast black uncle" did not formally respond to the matter. "Fast Jie brother" also revealed that the state of Liangshan to make light of travelling a thousand li charity "volunteers", in the face of donated objects, are how to get to. He said in the video that these "love people" put mud on their children’s faces to highlight their misery. In the scene, in addition to the host, the person in charge of the camera constantly commands the action of the old man, and tells the love people how to stand and where to go. On the main page of these anchors, a video is often ended with a sad music, and the call of love in the nine children is familiar with these videos. These love plays almost as like as two peas, in addition to the old people send money directly, the second is to take a piece of meat in the hands of a child, take a chicken and gave it to them, let them face the camera big eat, or to send grandma a box of milk, a few people with a mobile phone take half a day. Attack each other: you say I live in the "false public" I said "you are envious" fast Jie brother "has 659 thousand fans, according to his information, he is 27 years old this year, Anhui Suzhou people, in Liangshan" charity "for two or three months. Reporters from more than in the "anchor at Charity" to anchor Liangshan, usually two or three people to a group that lives in the county in the village hotel, the day to do public service, usually rent a car, buy some clothes and stationery, began looking for a primary school or remote villages, the gift giving out, shoot live video. "Fast black uncle" is the people of Harbin, released 1050 works, 678 thousand fans, the fans up after he began to attract some of the disciples". In the same camp northeast Garnett fans 640 thousand. "Fast Jie brother" originally belonged to a member of a team, and later because of infighting, the team started with one thousand enemy alien secret self injury eight hundred momentum. The infighting, otherwise a black hand uncle said, "then we can earn more envious, and our conflicts." Now, the main content of a few "charitable" hosts live daily is to denounce each other as "false public welfare". "Fast black uncle" with a northeast words scolded in the studio, "who did you cover? Now catch who bites. " He said the money back after closing, is "fast Jie brother" first came up with the idea, but he is envious because they earn more secret. "Fast black uncle" farewell message said: "to err is human" in November 4th, due to this effect, "fast black uncle" to the fans farewell, and message said "to err is human". In the live video, he was sitting in the back of the car, smoking and feeling lonely. Prior to this, "fast Jie brother" has repeatedly exposed the "fast black uncle" in the state of Liangshan to charity, as a response to the latter, the exposure of the "fast Jie brother first issued money to recover the video. After the infighting, many "charitable" anchors admitting that they had deceived everyone. "I don’t want to cheat everyone," an anchor, "Shandong Mei Jie," apologized in response to a fan accusation. In the exposure of the money back again, "fast Jie brother" in late November 4th release of live video, live on the screen under the banner of "Jie brother admit mistakes, apologize to the fans" several characters. On the broadcast, he drank a bottle of disinfectant on the spot and was sent to the hospital for treatment. Anchor this money "fast black uncle" revealed "to May next year can earn twenty million of these rely on the" charity "as a live show host, in the broadcast platform had dug pot of gold. Mr. Zhao long in the live video quickly rose pink on the "charity" anchor quickly deep. "Just beginning to pay attention to them only more than 800 fans, just two months, already 630 thousand." Like most of the audience, Mr. Zhao also gave these groups some praise and gifts at the very beginning. "Because live broadcast can cause fans to feel sympathy and let them pay donations by giving gifts." according to the introduction, let’s grow their own iron powder. Besides fans, brush gifts can increase profits, and fans can also advertise in live rooms by fans. It is understood that to anchor brush gift in quickly, we must quickly recharge 6 yuan coins, you can recharge 60 coins, a coin is issued in 10 Fen, a gift, a flower to 1 dollars, a glass of beer to 10 coins, 298 coins a coronet fast. Fans are productivity, and fans will have people to brush gifts. If good luck, earn ten thousand yuan a day, be nothing difficult. During the live broadcast, as do the "public welfare" of the "fast black uncle" in Liangshan, it is said in the broadcast, "rely on the old iron (fans) brush gifts together to do charity, to May next year can earn twenty million." [police] phenomenon caused by the local relevant departments attach great importance to earlier than anchor was summoned by the police according to the relevant departments of Liangshan informed sources, some time ago, there are a number of anchors do live in Zhaojue, Bhutto and other places, they usually take the money out to some of the villagers live show, after the completion of the money back. "They usually give the villagers a few money as a" hard ", or something to eat, after you leave, to deceive the local people." Such behavior has been exposed, causing a disgust between the local people and the Internet users. At the same time, this has also caused the high attention of the relevant departments of Liangshan, the local public security, civil affairs and other departments have been involved in the investigation of the matter. After the incident, a number of anchors were summoned by the police. According to the person familiar with the matter, in recent years, there are many public interest groups and individuals who come to Liangshan to do charity. With the development of webcast, some anchors are pouring into Liangshan, attracting the fans through live broadcast, attracting fans growth and obtaining benefits. The personage believes that such a fake charity not only affects the image of Liangshan, deceit the kindness of the local people, but also sends the wrong information to the outside world. Yesterday, reporters from Liangshan Charity Federation learned that, at present, Bhutto and other places of public security and civil affairs departments are jointly investigating the matter, "the current investigation and treatment results have not yet come out." [response] local charity: violation of the new "charity law" according to the Liangshan Charity Federation of the relevant person in charge: "we have learned many things like this, some photos are staged, some malicious guide villagers said some poor problems spread on the network." The person in charge introduced the way of making the fake and making the poor, which damaged the image of Liangshan and the local people. The newly passed charitable law clearly stipulates that individuals cannot initiate public fund-raising, the director said. "The behavior of these people has violated the charitable law." The lawyer said: "if the circumstances are serious, it can be held accountable." Beijing Kou Ke (Chengdu) law firm Kou Yi lawyer pointed out: such behavior is a serious violation of law and social ethics. Where the operating platform deceived users to the network and anchor the anchor money recourse to the corresponding loss, at the same time can be reported to the administrative department, if the deceived amount is larger, can be directly to the public security organs, shall be investigated for criminal liability related. Yuan Jia, a lawyer of Taihe Thai law firm, also believes that the behavior of these anchors doing "pseudo charity" is cheating by making factual facts and spending money on them. They earn money for others because of illegal possession. The plot is serious and belongs to a fraud.

网络主播被曝伪慈善:发钱后收回,往小孩脸上抹泥-公益频道   成都商报11月6日报道 近日,一段视频在网上流传,成了击穿大凉山地区伪慈善志愿者群体的一枚“穿甲弹”。视频中,两名男子在快手直播平台上直播做慈善,安排凉山州某村村民站成两排,随后直播给村民发钱,而在直播结束后,这些人又从村民手中把钱拿回来。   事后,发钱男子承认,先发钱拍视频,拍完后再收回来,确实是自己所为,目的是为了增加粉丝数和观看量,让“粉丝多刷礼物”。更讽刺的是,这名男子其实是第一个在快手直播揭秘伪慈善的“旗手”,不过,被他的揭秘对象在反扑时,使出杀手锏,放出了这段偷偷录下的视频。   事实上,先发钱再收回去的“伪慈善”并非这一起。在网络直播兴起之后,多名打着慈善名义前往凉山州的“志愿者”,实际上却从事着借慈善敛财的勾当。   “这是‘快手慈善圈’的通用法则,直播慈善能上热搜榜,粉丝涨得快,有了粉丝,就有了一切。”卷入伪慈善风波的主播“快手杰哥”说。   【视频曝光】   先发钱直播 拍完后再收回去   当事人承认:发钱后拿回去只为涨粉 做“伪慈善”的主播“快手杰哥”将发给村民的钱收了回来 此前直播时,主播“快手杰哥”称要给村民发钱   这段流传于网络的视频,成为揭开部分“志愿者”伪慈善的有力证据。   视频中,一名穿黑色衬衫的男子从画面中离开,边走边说,“待会给你们发东西啊……”在他身后,另一名男子从一群老人和小孩手中拿回一叠叠百元大钞。随后递给黑衣男子,这名黑衣男子一边埋头数钱,一边招呼,“取东西哈。”把钱装到手提包后,又接着喊,“继续拍,排好队,排好队,我们继续拍!”一群小孩子围在车子后备箱后准备取东西。   与这段流传网上的视频相对应的,是另一段视频,同样的地方、同一群人,黑衣男子站在老人和小孩的一侧,右手挥舞着一叠人民币,“各位铁粉们、黑粉们,我杰哥说到的话一定做到,我答应把这3万块钱全部发出去……发给这个村15位最贫困的家庭,每人2000元。”黑衣男子在念完台词后,将钱挨个递到了身后村民的手中。   发钱当天,黑衣男子一行人租用了当地客运公司的长安车,从车牌信息可以看到,这是一辆凉山州昭觉县的车,记者随后联系到车主,他表示自己只是县里客运中心的司机,车子可以出租,前段时间确实有人租车去村里,是不是发钱,他就不太清楚了。   通过调查,记者了解到,视频中发钱男子是快手直播中的一个主播“快手杰哥”,近段时间,“快手杰哥”正在直播平台,与另外几名主播互掐,相互指责对方在做“伪慈善”。视频曝光后,他告诉记者,自己被别人偷录了视频。对于这段视频,这名主播有些气愤。而“快手杰哥”也晒出对手的视频,曾经一起做慈善的“东北狼王”“快手黑叔”都成了他揭秘的对象。   “我承认我发了钱又收回去了,他们敢承认吗?”在快手直播平台上,“快手杰哥”承认自己犯了错,并反复强调自己去大凉山做公益的目的,“只是为了给快手直播号涨粉丝,让粉丝们在观看自己献爱心的时候刷礼物”。当时曾与“快手杰哥”同在发钱现场的一名网友也在网上确认了此事。   一次“伪慈善”背后   主播相互揭短:对方作假   “快手杰哥”爆料: “他们对受捐对象怎么惨怎么弄”   在自己被曝出“假装发钱”后,“快手杰哥”不甘示弱,又陆续曝出了对手不少“伪慈善”的内幕。   在他的直播视频中,“快手杰哥”爆料称,快手直播平台上另一名以在大凉山“做公益”出名的主播“快手黑叔”在发钱时,将1000块发给一名老人,发一次拍一次视频,拍完后再收回来,再发给另一名老人,先后发过7名老人。不过,“快手黑叔”并未正式回应此事。   “快手杰哥”还透露,这些不远万里到凉山州做慈善的“志愿者”,面对受捐对象,也都是怎么惨怎么弄。他在视频中爆料称,这些“爱心人士”往小孩脸上抹泥巴,突出他们的悲惨。   在现场,除了主播,负责摄像的人不停指挥着老人的动作,并告诉爱心人士应该怎样站位,往哪走。在这些主播的主页上,一段视频结束,往往还要配上一段伤感的音乐,《九儿》《爱的呼唤》在这些视频中耳熟能详。这些献爱心剧本几乎都一模一样,除了给老人们直接发钱,其次就是拿一块肉放到孩子手上,拿一只鸡递给他们,让他们面对镜头大口开吃,或者给老奶奶送一盒牛奶,几个人拿着手机拍半天。   直播中相互攻击:   你说我“假公益” 我说你“是眼馋”   “快手杰哥”已有65.9万粉丝,根据他的资料显示,他今年27岁是安徽宿州人,在大凉山“做公益”已有两三个月。   记者从多名从事“慈善”的主播处了解到,主播凉山行,通常两三个人为一个组,住在县城里的宾馆,白天到山村“做公益”,通常是租一辆车,购买一些衣服和文具后,就开始寻觅一个偏远小学或村庄,将礼物发放出去,拍视频直播。   “快手黑叔”是哈尔滨人,发布了1050个作品,粉丝67.8万,在粉丝群体壮大后,他开始招揽一些“徒弟”。其中同一阵营的“东北狼王”粉丝64万。“快手杰哥”原本属于团队中一员,后来因为内讧,成了团队中异类,用杀敌一千自伤八百的气势开始揭秘。   对于内讧,“快手黑叔”另有一套说法,“后来眼馋我们挣得更多,才与我们爆发矛盾。”   现在,几名“慈善”主播每天直播的主要内容,就是声讨对方做“假公益”。“快手黑叔”用一口东北话在直播间开骂,“当初是谁罩着你?现在逮谁咬谁。”他透露说,发钱后再收回来,是“快手杰哥”最先想出的点子,而他揭秘是因为眼馋他们挣得更多。   “快手黑叔”告别:   留言称“人非圣贤孰能无过”   11月4日,因受此事影响,“快手黑叔”向粉丝告别,并留言称“人非圣贤孰能无过”。直播视频中,他坐在汽车后座,抽着烟,表情落寞。   在此之前,“快手杰哥”曾多次曝光“快手黑叔”在凉山州做假慈善,作为回应,后者则曝光了“快手杰哥”先发钱再收回的视频。   这场内讧风波后,多名“慈善”主播承认曾欺骗大家。一名主播“山东梅姐”在回应粉丝指责时道歉,称“我也不想欺骗大家的。”   在被曝光发钱又收回去后,“快手杰哥”11月4日晚发布直播视频,直播画面上打着“杰哥承认错误,给粉丝道歉”几个大字。直播中,为了表达认错的决心,他当场喝下一瓶消毒液,随后被送往医院治疗。   主播们这样赚钱   “快手黑叔”曾透露“到明年五月份可以赚两千万”   这些依靠“慈善”作为直播节目的主播,在直播平台上掘得了第一桶金。长期在快手直播看视频的赵先生对这些“慈善”主播涨粉的迅速深有体会。“刚开始关注他们时才800多粉丝,短短两个月,已经63万了。”   和多数观众一样,赵先生在最开始的时候也给这些群体点赞、刷礼物。“因为直播能够引起粉丝同情,让他们通过刷礼物来完成捐款”,据介绍,让自己的铁粉壮大,除了粉丝刷礼物可以壮大收益,还可以借助粉丝团体大搞微商、在直播间做广告。   据了解,在快手中要给主播刷礼物,就必须充值快币,6元可以充值60快币,一块币就是一毛钱,在发放的礼物中,一朵鲜花要1快币,一杯啤酒就要10快币,一个凤冠298快币。   粉丝就是生产力,有了粉丝就会有人刷礼物。如果运气好,一天挣个一万块,不在话下。在直播过程中,同样是在大凉山做“公益”的“快手黑叔”,更是在直播时透露,“要靠老铁(粉丝)刷礼物,合起来才能去做公益,到明年五月份以后可以赚两千万。”   【警方说法】   现象引起当地相关部门高度重视   此前曾有多名主播被警方传唤   据凉山相关部门知情人士介绍,前段时间,的确有多名主播在昭觉、布托等地搞直播活动,他们通常拿出钱分发给一些村民,直播作秀完成后,又将这些钱收回,“他们通常给村民很少一部分钱作为‘辛苦费’,或者给点吃的,拍完之后就走人,欺骗当地民众。”这样的行为被揭露之后,引发当地民众及网友的反感。同时,这也引起凉山相关部门的高度重视,当地的公安、民政等部门都介入调查此事。事发后,多名主播被警方传唤。   据这名知情人士介绍,近年来,来凉山做慈善的公益团体及个人比较多,随着网络直播的发展,一些主播涌入凉山,通过直播吸引眼球,吸引粉丝增长,同时获取利益。该人士认为,这样的伪慈善不仅影响了凉山的形象,欺骗了当地民众的善良,而且给外界传递了错误的信息。   昨日,记者从凉山州慈善总会获悉,目前,布托等地的公安及民政部门正在联合调查处理此事,“目前调查处理结果还没有出来。”   【各方回应】   当地慈善总会:违反新《慈善法》   据凉山州慈善总会的相关负责人介绍:“我们已了解到多起这样的事情,有的是照片故意摆拍,有的是恶意引导村民说一些贫困的问题等在网络上传播。”该负责人介绍,这样造假、造贫的方式,损害了凉山以及当地老百姓的形象。   该负责人表示,新通过的《慈善法》明确规定,个人不能发起公开募捐。“这些人的行为已经违反《慈善法》。”   律师说法:情节严重可追究刑责   北京盈科(成都)律师事务所寇翼律师指出:此种行为,严重违法律和社会公德。受骗网友可向骗钱的网络主播及主播所在的运营平台追索相应的损失,同时可向行政主管部门进行举报,若受骗金额较大,可直接向公安机关报案,追究骗人者相关刑责。   泰和泰律师事务所律师袁嘉也认为,这些主播做“伪慈善”的行为属于用虚构事实骗取大家在金钱上进行支出,他们以非法占有为目的取得了别人的钱财,情节严重,属于一种诈骗。相关的主题文章: