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"Red" Zhang Zhaozhong: I regard myself as a network of migrant workers – the Sohu news was dubbed "director of the Bureau of military strategy expert Zhang Zhaozhong fudge since July last year after retirement, set up his own studio, open" block called loyalty "WeChat, also began to" shock "webcast, on the way to the the suddenness of a thunderbolt into what he calls" old red net "ranks. Recently, the "red" against the old again, announced the launch of new book: "onslaught block whispering", and in an interview about his "the bureau", "Red Net" of these titles and the age of the Internet and the contemporary young people’s views, of course, his latest network words learn — thin blue letinous edodes. Zhang Zhaozhong: because some people from their talented beiqingbao: you for now "Red Net" status how? Zhang Zhaozhong: I thought at the beginning of the network red curse, others have just begun to say that I was a net red, I also said, do not scold me, I did not expect to really become a net red. You see I opened micro-blog just a week’s time, up to now there are about 1400000 fans, think very happy. Want to be "red" is not so easy, the network this thing is fair, you have a few pounds, it will give you a call call out, and do not like the TV show before you, with you in the online interaction, immediately know who is really behind you, who is false to support you. Now there are a lot of "net red" is to spend money out of the package, over a few days, a few minutes, everyone on the heat down. I don’t like, I had something, every day to increase fans sticky through the wonderful content, so you can watch every day, do this "Red Net" very proud. BYD: the "block" this call? Zhang Zhaozhong: some people say that the seat is the internationalization of the title, but I think it is now the name of the real meaning of this is of no significance, because you call me that is not the original meaning. I mainly social activities more, every time they introduced me when there is a lot of titles, but now I am retired, will start from zero after retirement. People started calling me "Zhang", they all feel so called so called "Netizens feel shy, then I will from the bureau", what do you call a comfortable come, I have the habit. BYD: you in this book also mentioned that he has suffered a lot of criticism, such as kelp, anti submarine missile wrapped haze have been used as friends, when you face the topic, what is the mood? Is not also passed through a process from angrily to it? Zhang Zhaozhong: I did not go through such a process, it is normal, especially the normal leading cadres, others want to scold him a few words he said a few words, he will feel wronged, feeling unhappy, want to excuse. I do not, I was bullied, probably because I have a handsome, somewhat clever or have little talent, so with me every step of the growth has been suppressed, disagreeable, I have long been accustomed to. Later, a growing reputation, get it more and more, we are against me, but I still do. "相关的主题文章: