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Jewelry-Diamonds The ritual of the Native American jewelry has played a major role in the past and present beliefs and the United States is the symbol of nature in tribal ceremonies, and represents status in Indian culture. Natural materials were used in the manufacture of jewelry, including feathers with minerals and precious stones such as turquoise and silver. For thousands of years, the turquoise has been preserved, both for its natural beauty and its supposed power to heal. Turquoise is a holy stone that was used for centuries to decorate ritual objects and is still considered a valuable control by Indians of the Navajo, Hopi, Zuni, Pueblo and other Indian nations. The story goes back even earlier to ancient Egypt, as exquisite turquoise jewelry was discovered in graves. Natural materials were a reminder of the earth around them. Religious jewelry has played an important role in American culture. During healing ceremonies and tribal rituals, the Indian people to take responsibility and pride to wear only certain types of religious jewelry that were the right colors, materials, and represent good symbol for this ritual event . Native American history tells us that the jewelry worn by the native representative of the various stages in the life of an individual has reached. In many American Indian tribes are encouraged youth to adulthood when they acquire the spiritual totem consisting of shells, beads, or other symbols of nature. Native American religious jewelry is often given to women after their first menstrual cycle of women and the achievement of new couples together for health, happiness and forth fruitful forth on the path of family life. Because our culture today uses jewelry mostly for decorative purposes, we often the roots of the jewelry and how, for some crops, it can have a deeper spiritual significance. Recognizing the importance of this religious jewelry in other cultures allows us to see greater symbolic uses that jewelry can be used. Today. Our society and culture adorns the Native American jewelry for her elegance and fashion and most people are not aware of the religious, ritual and ceremonial values of this jewelry. In recognizing the values and understanding of all American Indians on jewelry, we can learn to admire the beauty of this token, the American culture. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: