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National model worker Shen Jianzhong: do "foolish old man" back made soil barren orchard played out of poverty Song – Beijing, Beijing, Chongqing, 15 November Xinhua: national model worker Shen Jianzhong: "foolish old man" played back soil made orchard song writer Lv Yanxing "high mountain poverty their rich is not rich, with a rich family is not rich." Speaking in front of this piece, with a crisp peach "to lead the villagers from poverty tenacity children, Chongqing furnace town Wulong County Villagers Shen Jianzhong from 1997 onwards in the barren soil under the back more than 5000 peach trees, cultivate" fairy peach crisp ", driven around more than 40 farmers to get rich on the road. With 20 years of youth played a simple elegant mountain out of poverty. The 43 year old Shen Jianzhong, a native of rural simple man, but has a "crisp peach king" reputation in the local. In May 2015, Shen Jianzhong was named the national labor model. Glory but he told reporters on a more heavy burden, as a member of the Communist Party of China, a model worker, not only to self-development, but also to lead the people around the common development. In 1992, the young Shen Jianzhong graduated from the stove vocational secondary school of fruit trees, to Chongqing, Fuling contracted orchards, began his entrepreneurial path. 4 years later, he heard a lot of villagers home to work, no one to take care of the field, they decided to return to the town of Chongqing County, Wulong, planting fruit trees. "At that time, the villagers are not optimistic about my entrepreneurial action, not willing to give me the transfer of farmland ‘experimental’." Shen Jianzhong contracted 50 acres of barren hills, are bare rock, planted a seedling, the average back 15 packbasket soil, other local soil back to the mountain, an acre of land to carry 1650 soil basket. Shen Jianzhong did not give up, take a year and finally completed the back fill random trees Shihan work, Shen Jianzhong hands, shoulders grinding out of the thick cocoon, local villagers admire called him "the foolish old man of living". Three years later, stone mountain covered with mud, Shen Jianzhong from all over the country and the introduction of plum, peach, loquat academy and other 48 varieties of fruit trees were planted, but were unsuccessful. "Friends taste, mercilessly told him I ate a peach, this, don’t want to eat second." In order to cultivate superior varieties, Shen Jianzhong went to Shandong to study plant technology, to return home after careful comparison and screening. Finally, he found the park a peach fruit and other different peaches, big red, it tastes crisp and sweet, act decisively, the piece of peach cut off again, all re grafting new branches. Not long, peach again Guaguo, but the taste is very good. Shen Jianzhong and his wife to walk to town to sell peaches shipped, hard to get a return: "as long as we peach a street, a few minutes will be sold out." "Don’t look at the peach blossom from the flowering to the results in just a few months, but let the quality of brittle peaches from inferior to superior, I spent more than and 10 years." Shen Jianzhong is a feeling. In 2010, Shen Jianzhong and the circulation of the 200 acres of land in the raft village, development of all peach crisp, substantial income. "One year down, the income is very impressive, although I bid farewell to poverty, but not a lot of neighbors around." In order to promote the village out of poverty, Shen Jian)相关的主题文章: