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National food where to find, Guiyang to eat authentic Qiandongnan flavor?! Sohu and the weather cools down in mind chowhound upon the delicacy is only grunt and we Hot pot now is the birthday of the motherland I know you again one day on holiday! You can make bestie together to idle away in seeking pleasure decadent! But there is no city blocked! – traffic tips – warm jacket today Xiaobian to recommend to you a good good is not the traffic jam Hot pot shop, located in the future ark cattle old Kaili beef sour taste! The future of the Ark as we all know, whether it is to go to Beijing Road, East Second Ring Road, water, running all the way through! The scenery is good future ark called Guiyang’s Victoria Harbour, one to the evening lights gradually emerge, cattle taste excellent location is the best scenic spots, and on the other side and the music fountain, such scenery in the first-tier cities but want to eat expensive expensive meals in order to enjoy the experience of the west! The environment is comfortable cattle taste on the two floor can sit seventy or eighty table, look all wooden tables and chairs and a variety of style decoration looks clean and tidy, don’t walk far to enjoy the Kaili customs! Many of the rooms specifications is able to meet all the needs of the family to eat beef and while viewing it again, but before the economic half-hour rubbing mahjong this is the holiday should have rhythm! You can not only taste is to eat authentic taste of red sour soup in cattle, but also to enjoy the living characteristics of the acid boiled beef, boiled white sour soup out of beef will be more tender, but the absolute signs, a lot of people are directed to this pot of white sour soup! To eat and Hot pot are often high in calories, this is why I recommend beef flavor, the fitness of the people know that fitness is the most suitable to eat beef, low fat protein rich, so you can not worry about fat big meat, not five pounds of fat during the festive season! Let’s start with some friends! [name] taste of old Kaili Suantang beef cattle [] Yunyan District store address future ark future transit ark G6 group 1, B2 floor (sales men to water road left 100 meters) [0851-82773888] [phone address] Jinyang Branch Lake District Exhibition Center Exhibition Road d4-1-2 [telephone] 0851-84103222相关的主题文章: