Nanpai Sanshu licensed 37 Tomb notes beta today-jinshen

Nanpai Sanshu licensed 37 "Tomb notes" beta today in recent years, the network launched a "grave hot", written by Nanpai Sanshu’s novel "Tomb notes" which was made into a movie and TV drama, in a novel film actors also have to take a fire, visible "the tomb" influence on the users deep. This novel has been adapted into online games, and will open beta today, it is reported that 37 "Tomb notes" on the basis of respecting the original novel, perfectly reproduce the scene, and keep the book a classic characters, now let us take a look at the game in the wonderful play! "Tomb notes" official website: at the beginning of the game game player, you can choose 37 "Tomb notes" in the guardian of Wu play. Wu Wu Wu for the multi-level scene, a layer for a pass, in the limited time to kill all the blame on the layer as a customs clearance, you can enter the next layer, in the play, NPC Wu evil will follow the protagonist fighting together. The guardian of Wu Xie can only play with "Wu" partners, if the current battle for other partners, in the copy when forced to switch to the "Wu" (a play, the band or set up their own partners for the game player), Wu is a "blood volume, attack, defense," your reliable partner skills oh! Customs clearance will be rewarded after the first pass and reward. Players for the first time to reach a certain number of customs clearance, you can also receive a one-time reward. The wonderful fight is a copy of the story play 37 copies of "Tomb notes" official genuine Webpage Game most characteristic. A copy of the story in the "Tomb notes" in the novels of the story perfectly engraved, scene, content of a high degree of reduction. Not only in the novels of each section of Palace of the Earth perfect show, even the monster and plot are in accordance with the original copy, let the game player during the game can relive the scenes, enhance the sense of immersion of the game and the high degree of reduction.! A copy of the story into the tomb world, plot, and special equipment of collection, can make your trip more grave than others! In the 37 "Tomb notes" in the illustrations consists of illustrations, illustrations and special equipment of three kinds of plot. Kill monsters can get the corresponding card, activation of. The main task of the plot with the section gradually opening, this chapter collect all the cards, and cards to all stars, can obtain chapter rewards, enhance character. The system of 37 "Tomb notes" is authorized by a genuine Nanpai Sanshu ARPG web games. The game plot to restore the original height, has a complete view of the world, more integrated into the three exclusive content puzzle. On the basis of respecting the original game, perfectly reproduce the novel "seven Lu Palace", "paradise", "marsh snake ghost" and other classic scenes. Close contact with Zhang Qiling, game player Wu Xie, and uncle original in popular characters, jointly opened a thrilling tomb tour. 37 more "Tomb notes" game please login: more fun web games in 37 Games: Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: