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UnCategorized Have you ever been .forted by a friend as they told you a story you never knew about them? Did you ever discover that someone’s life was changed because you took the time to say, "I’ve been where you are"? How many times have you found God in a simple life story told by a caring friend? Everyone has a spiritual story. Not all journeys are the same but every life if full of stories of growth, change, hope and encouragement. Every individual has a journey to share and today there are endless means for sharing it. Today spiritual autobiography (or spiritual memoir) is for everyone. The world is full of stories that can, and must, be told! It hasn’t been long since the avenues for sharing your life story were limited. Powerful accounts would be given occasionally at meetings, in churches or at events. Others may have published short articles that gave away bits and pieces of their lives in local newspapers or magazines. If you got really lucky your testimony might make it to the bookshelves at the local bookstore. Even more unlikely was the opportunity to share on television or through the words of a radio program. Getting your voice to reach those who needed to hear it was a long shot. Today the means and methods for telling your story have exploded. There are endless ways to .municate your journey to many people with just a little effort and inspiration. Sharing your spiritual memoir is no longer a lofty goal. Instead, the world is waiting to hear your testimony and you have the means to offer it. .munication has changed the ways we can impact the lives of others with our stories. Just about anyone can publish their spiritual autobiography in a large variety of formats. Print on demand publishing allows you to publish your memoir with little financial risk and big influence. Ebooks allow you to reach even more people with even less financial strain. An internet search on self publishing will connect you with a lot of opportunities. While some of these opportunities might not be right for you, there’s a good chance you will find a good fit. Don’t take the first offer you get. Ask a lot of questions and do your research: writers beware! Learn the difference between Vanity Publishing, Subsidy Publishing, Hybrid Publishing, Traditional Publishing and Self Publishing. Careful research will allow you to find a publisher who will meet your needs. Maybe writing a book is not the means you would like to use to share your testimony? Writing a book was once among the few ways to get your message out. The internet has turned this reality around. Anyone can have a Facebook Page, start an on-line social network, Twitter about their journey, join a discussion group, be.e part of a forum or start their own blog. A whole life can be shared from beginning to end with the use of these social networking tools. These are user friendly tools that anyone can learn about. Getting started is easier than you think and there are tons of forums and discussion groups waiting to help you if you get stuck! Don’t be bashful about using these resources to help you reach those who need to hear your testimony. Don’t let the unknown stop you from reaching those who need the encouragement and hope your story has to give. Once upon a time only the rich and famous could be seen on a screen. Web sites like UTube, SlideShare and Flickr have changed that. Now you can upload your own testimony on video for thousands of viewers to see. Photographs, Power Point displays and slide shows that convey your journey can be made readily available for a large viewing audience. Today your testimony has more power than it ever has. Even if you don’t own a .puter the local library now has one for you to use. Just about anyone can reach anyone through the internet. No more excuses! You have unending methods for getting your message out. Spiritual autobiography is a powerful tool of encouragement and hope. Someone out there needs to know they are not alone. Your spiritual memoir has the power to bring .fort and joy to someone that needs some. Perhaps ten years ago you doubted that your journey could reach anyone so you didn’t bother to share it? Realize that today is a new day. Find a way to share your testimony and get it out into the world as a touch of God for someone who needs it. There are endless means and methods for telling your story. Today can be.e the day you begin to share! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: