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"Modern city" – Anhui Fuyang   lead the future channel — completed the "13th Five-Year" planning objectives and tasks, implementation of class struggle, the average catch of Northern Anhui, synchronized up to a well-off, build big and strong, rich and beautiful new Fuyang, accelerate the construction of the center position, highlight the more comprehensive function is more perfect and human settlements people’s living environment more beautiful, more happy competitive modern city. Excerpted from the fifth Party Congress report on the work of the fifth Party Congress to determine the development goals for the next five years, is a modern city construction competitive, it has milepost significance for the development of Fuyang." Talk about the fifth Party Congress proposed the "modern city", the municipal development and Reform Commission Director Huang Qi is full of beautiful dreams. The construction of modern city competitive, is a major decision made by the municipal Party committee based in Fuyang actual development, is the 10 million Yinghuai people’s common pursuit and expectations. Huang Qi said, this is the strategic positioning for the development of Fuyang province. In August this year, the provincial government approved the overall planning of Fuyang city put forward "gradually build Fuyang into a modern big city reasonable industry structure, development, good ecological livable, urban and rural integration with strong competitiveness." Huang Qi told reporters, standing in the pattern to consider, Fuyang regional location, population scale, the total economy occupies a considerable proportion, especially in recent years a number of major economic indicators of growth for many years in the forefront of the province, the comprehensive strength of Fuyang, changes in urban and rural areas, the growth of the city to upgrade the status of all. Has built a modern city potential. At present, in order to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of a new round of regional focus of competition is becoming increasingly fierce, the pattern of regional development is undergoing major and profound changes, the rapid rise of the integration of urban and rural areas, city group has become the main form of leading regional development. Huang Qi analysis, modern city construction competitive, and not just Fucheng, but included in Fucheng county city center as the core, small and medium-sized city as the backbone, the characteristics of urban global support, beautiful countryside based; not just the concept of city construction, but the comprehensive index of industrial development, society the cause of progress and ecological environment optimization. Looking to the future, Fuyang will step on the GDP super 200 billion yuan, into the era of high-speed rail, which will be a qualitative leap in the development of Fuyang. In particular, high-speed rail, which can be said to be ‘late love’ in Fuyang, but the first is the big love." Huang Qi analysis, through unremitting struggle, Fuyang high speed rail station has been changed to design this overhead, the prefecture level city in the country are rare. Now Hangzhou, Zheng Hegao China has started, after the opening of the Fuyang high-speed trains every day can be sent to 80, with basically the same as in Hefei. "We see there are three high iron, high iron, Anhui is the Beijing Kowloon intercity, and Henan province has been included in the" 13th Five-Year "planning of Nanyang – Zhumadian – Fuyang intercity railway, the future Fuyang will have 5 high-speed rail." Huang Qi said that high-speed rail for the allocation of resources and the impact of urban development are subversive, the future is expected to become the hub of high-speed rail Fuyang, will usher in the development of the new相关的主题文章: