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You want to know what I hate most about MLM.  It’s Prospecting for my MLM.  There is nothing more embarrassing then walking around some grocery store trying to get phone numbers for new MLM prospects.   I mean honestly, if the guy that sponsored me would have told me that I would need to go around and try to convince strangers to give me their phone number so they can hear about my opportunity, I would have told him to stuff it.   Everyone that’s reading this knows what I’m talking about.  Let’s be real with each other.  MLM could be a life saver; we have the chance to make more money in one year with MLM then in 5 years at our J-O-B.   But just the thought of MLM prospecting gives me the chills.   So the way I figure it, is the only way I’m going to succeed in MLM is if I get the prospects to .e to me.  And how do I do that.  By treating my MLM like it’s a real business.   Do you think that you’re going to build a multi-million dollar business by going to grocery stores, or your nearest Starbucks and prospect strangers?  I don’t think so, and you’re just being naive if you think that’s going to work.   MLM Prospecting can be easy if done right.  But you have to remember that he who cares least will always have more power in the relationship.  So let me ask you a question, which way seems better.   You going around each and every day prospecting ten strangers for your MLM…or…Having ten prospects call you or leave a message saying they are interested in your MLM.   I can guarantee you this; you will save a bunch of time using the latter.  MLM prospecting doesn’t have to be an art form, I can teach you how to make MLM prospecting a routine, one that anyone can duplicate, and that’s the secret to MLM anyway.   With that being said, let’s talk about one of the biggest rules when it .es to MLM prospecting.  What do you believe your prospects are interested in?  Do you believe they are interested in your product, or how long your .pany has been around?   Of course not, when you joined your MLM what were you interested in?  Money, maybe you see MLM as way of bringing your spouse home from work, perhaps you’re trying to pay off that college debt.  Either way if you realize that your MLM prospects are not actually interested in the .pany, but rather how you can help them achieve their goals then you will have that prospects attention.   So rule number one is to stop selling your prospect on the .pany, and start selling them on how YOU can help them succeed in the current MLM opportunity that you have.    If I was you, I would start putting a game plan together of how your team is different than anyone else.  That’s what MLM prospects are looking for now day.  With the advancement of the internet people have attention spans of only about 2 seconds.    So if you really want to be different and draw that MLM prospect to you, then you need to explain why working with your team will lead to success in MLM.   Now that you know rule number one about MLM prospecting, I re.mend you read part two for more tips about MLM prospecting.   But for now, start selling prospects on your team and stop being one of those annoying sales guys that keeps preaching the .pany and the .p plan.  MLM prospects hear that crap every day. About the Author: From floundering .work Marketer to success story, Josh Cope is a no-nonsense .work marketing coach, author, and entreprenuer that takes pride in turning dedicated MLM’ers into success stories. Get the most hard hitting, effective MLM strategies by visisting the official MLMFormula blog Article Published On: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: