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Miss Dong’s anger spray the story behind the GREE shareholders than the shareholders’ meeting [introduction] wonderful hit the financial statements of listed companies. China fund reported Taylor finishing topic queen Miss Dong weekend GREE electric scraper. On Friday, GREE shareholders meeting, GREE acquired silver long questioned, Miss Dong freak. The meeting seemed to employees at the shareholders’ meeting lecture, Miss Dong said, she no, there is no applause, you didn’t applaud this. She also said that if it is not for her, do not give you these small and medium investors dividends? Today, the announcement of the GREE electric appliances, the general meeting of shareholders rejected 15 proposals, the acquisition of Zhuhai Silver Dragon’s White Knight program is not, Miss Dong to achieve the actual control of the motion on the yellow. For who would freak out. A lot of things, a large amount of information, people may eat melon forced some ignorant, let you go through the fund Jun. 1, the cause of the incident is perhaps one of GREE electric Vanke’s management equity battle caused anxiety. From the beginning of the battle of Vanke A shares, the proportion of the first largest shareholder is lower than 20%, dispersed ownership, stock price is undervalued quality enterprises, such as the Eurasian Group, Financial Street, Tongren and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, in July last year after the stock market crash often become the object of venture capital placards. After Vanke, institutional investors are also concerned about the profitability of such a strong manufacturing enterprises such as GREE. The report shows that in 2016, the Department of treasure to Qianhai life "Haley annual insurance products" holds 90 million 102 thousand and 900 shares of GREE electric, GREE electric appliances accounted for 1.50% of the total share capital, ranked fourth large shareholders. Ampang insurance group, the harmony health insurance company holdings GREE 48 million 190 thousand shares, is the eighth largest shareholder. Note that the fund has just seen 2016 Jun three quarterly reports about the latest Ampang, not in the top ten big, but the treasure can still buy GREE appliances, but only 0.99% shares, ranked the sixth largest shareholder. So at that time the market has been talking about "GREE will be the next Vanke", with Miss Dong that temper, the company will be willing to control the fall in the hands of others? 2, Miss Dong abacus GREE began a 6 month suspension in February this year, began planning a merger and fund-raising. Miss Dong in August this year, dished out 35 announcements, out of a fixed investment plan of $+100 billion acquisition of Zhuhai, a total of 100% equity interest in silver dragon. A major new energy battery, electric car companies. Then the two secondary market investors in an uproar, the question was, why? Investors questioned a few points: 1, Zhuhai silver worth not worth $13 billion, the valuation of their own only 50 to 6 billion, you actually also a premium of two times the acquisition? 2, Zhuhai; silver long income depends heavily on government subsidies, and new energy battery technology is not mature; 3, a household electrical appliance enterprises to do cross-border new energy bus, totally two different areas, had already had a number of household electrical appliance enterprises to engage in cross-border die on the beach: Chunlan 97 years of heavy truck…相关的主题文章: