Millions of mobile phone users in Hubei will not be restricted to the real name 23 days-sorpack

Millions of mobile phone users in Hubei is not the real name of the 23 days will be limited to the communications network is the network security awareness week, telecommunications day, the mobile phone real name system topic once again aroused the attention of the public and users. There are 23 days from the deadline in October 14th, mobile phone real name system into the sprint stage. Yesterday, the reporter visited the Wuhan mobile, China Unicom and telecom 5 business hall, found to go for the real name registration system soared, mostly for the elderly. Subsequently, the reporter learned from the China Mobile Hubei company, as well as Wuhan Unicom, the three major telecommunications providers to understand that there are still millions of customers in the province there is no real name system. After October 14th, there is no real name system customers will temporarily limit communication". Visit for mobile phone users real name registration "yesterday morning, reporters in Tang Jiadun, Jiyuqiao mobile, Unicom, telecom 5 business hall to see, to the operating room for real name registration and the makeup of the customers, the electronic display and the counter are stocked with mobile phone to inform the" real name system "and the announcement. Tangjiadun telecom business office two service window, each window are lined up for 3~4, there are a lot of people at the reception desk; Jiyuqiao Unicom 2 windows, each 2~3 line; other business hall also has 4~5 people in the queue. The operating room for business users are mostly more than 40~60 years old. Yesterday, 10:30, in the home of the Tang Dun mobile business hall, the reporter met to come to handle the phone real name system business lee. He said he bought a non real name phone number for the convenience of a street vendor in 2009. For so many years he saw the mobile phone business is not affected, it has not come to handle. These days, he received a text message, and through the network to see the real name system information, came to handle. Jade bridge to China Unicom business hall for the real name system, said Ms. Zhang, her cell phone number for seven or eight years, is the husband to do. These days received a text message, only to know the phone number is not real name. Because of her mobile phone tied to WeChat wallet, Alipay and so on, she was afraid after the shutdown, no way to use mobile phone shopping. Tang Dun mobile business hall staff, the past few days to come to deal with the real name registration is obviously more than some time ago, many elderly people will not be handled on the Internet, have come to the business hall. Tang Dun telecom business hall staff said, through various aspects of publicity, the past few days to come to register a lot of people. Mobile phone real name is also very simple, just need to bring the user ID and ID card to the operating room. If it is an agent, you need to bring the two sides of the ID card can be. Survey yesterday, the reporter learned from China Mobile Hubei company, at present, Hubei millions of mobile phone number has not yet registered real name. Before October 31st, will complete a single stop on all non real name registration or incomplete information of the user real name registration. Since October 14th, Hubei has not retroactive mobile users will not be able to voice calling, SMS and the Internet, but you can answer the phone, receive SMS, fire alarm, emergency medical and other emergency services are not affected. If it is useless again, it will be forced to stop until the number is returned. How to verify whether the phone number has been registered? Users can send "YZSM" to 100.相关的主题文章: