Miami Hotel is haunted Haslem my ghost to kill

Miami Hotel is haunted? Haslem: my ghost to kill him Haslem Phoenix sports news Beijing time on November 7th, according to the "Miami Herald" reporter Manny Navarro reported that Miami has now arrived in Oklahoma City, they will be in tomorrow’s game against the thunder, but their starting point is the legendary "haunted" Hilton Hotel. For the heat players justis Winslow and Taryn Johnson, they had heard about the last season of the ghost story, even when they share a room…… This year, 20 year old Winslow and the age of 24, Johnson decided that a man: a person living in a. But Winslow may have to change his mind. In an interview today, Winslow revealed that when he was taking a bath at 9 in the morning, he found that the door was moving…… "It did happen," said Winslow, who was also very dissatisfied with the bugs in the room and the cockroach he found under the shower curtain. "I’m trying to get through this trip as soon as possible, I try to stay in my room, I’ll go downstairs bar, eat some good stuff, watch TV, watch football, but I won’t stay in the room for too long time." Taylor – Johnson said in an interview that his former teammate Gerrard Green was the first to tell him the Hilton Hotel haunted, Johnson said Green told him that he had heard the noise at night, so I decided to share a room with his teammates. Johnson said he was afraid of black, little sleep alone will often open all the lights in the room. Even today, he will not see any horror movie or go to the haunted house. Now he has the habit of sleeping with the light on. "It makes me feel more comfortable." He said. But there are also afraid of ghosts, such as veteran Miami Udonis Haslem and Goran de Rakic. "I’m not afraid of ghosts," said Haslem. "He can go to other rooms, but if he comes to my room, he’ll have to fight for his life. This will cause him a lot of trouble, he would say: ‘OK, I can not go to other rooms? Or "not tonight, I’m not supposed to be in this room tonight.""相关的主题文章: