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Metro small advertising upgrade: 50 meters were stopped by the "entrepreneur" for the scan code "sorry to disturb you, I am in the business, I hope you can scan the code I am concerned about the 7." Recently, Ms. Lee from the rail transit line 2 Nanjing Road station ready to stand out, did not expect a short distance of just a few meters of road, has been stopped by the 7 people, ask her to sweep the two-dimensional code". Although she refused all the time, but she still felt that this stop in the subway station people sweep code behavior has constituted a harassment of passengers". Although the situation encountered some extreme, but not an example, a lot of people in the subway station or subway car, have encountered a request scan code attention similar situation. So, these requests to scan the code of young people, really is the entrepreneur it? Scan code attention, what will they do? This kind of subway station or subway car in the code of the people concerned about the behavior of the search, and in the past the subway cars in the distribution of small ads, the nature of the same? []50 meters with 7 passengers reflect the "bar code" "every day I go to work by subway, recently often encounter business people claiming to let me sweep the two-dimensional code with WeChat friends." Ms. Lee to work in the Nanjing Road near the former will occasionally encounter such a person, for fear of disclosure of personal information, she will basically declined these people. "More and more people but this while doing this, I take the subway to Nanjing Road station, ready to come out from the gate 3, a 50 meters of the road, was’ stopped ‘7 times, are young, everyone either hand with a two-dimensional code it took the mobile phone cards, to display a two-dimensional code. Everyone says they are entrepreneurs, let me sweep the code, it is too boring. Now I have to talk, not to talk to them directly." Ms. Lee said that in the center of the people’s Square, Nanjing East Road near the subway station, these people are particularly large, and sometimes in other subway lines can also encounter. Ms. Lee’s case is not a case, many people have encountered a similar situation. Zhang said: I often encounter in the subway, they took a small cardboard over, said to be their own business, so as to add a friend, support. Once, I want to see what is the entrepreneur, swept a little girl, when she gave me a small fan as a gift." After the addition of each other’s friends, Mr. Zhang found that the other side is a micro business, almost all of the information about the circle of friends is the introduction of the product." [sweep code family] for the bar code, bar code can be removed again recently, the morning news reporter has visited a number of subway lines, found at different periods of time, the multi line subway station has the scan code of the figure, which in the non rush hours, especially the number of. At 3 yesterday afternoon, Metro Line 2 Nanjing Road station, the reporter met a man claiming to be called "Lulu" entrepreneurs. When he saw her, she is holding a small card with a two-dimensional code, to a subway passengers scan code, after being rejected, she quickly turned to the side of another handheld mobile phone passengers. In a series of five sales, only one passenger swept yards. The reporter noted, Lulu selected are playing mobile phone to see the passengers. When)相关的主题文章: