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Messi Tai Lizhi: the new advertising plum this silent words shocked you Messi new advertising sina sports in Barcelona [micro-blog]2 0 [micro-blog] [] micro-blog beat Arsenal, Messi scored twice on the same day, a new ad Argentina star complete release, plum as main inspirational angle. In this a new advertising sports drinks, Messi did not speak, but to the people about the importance of adherence. In the picture, many times being pulled Macy’s shirt, but still struggling to move forward the lens, while the narrator is full of incentive. Don’t fall. Messi became the protagonist of "inspirational they said Messi did not speak, they were wrong!" The narrator said, "he always told us the story, if you look carefully, you can hear what he says, he said:" don’t fall, brothers and sisters, don’t fall! "" In the ad, the defenders pull, stopped and could not stop the foul, Messi continues to move forward, the narrator said: "when life kicks you, trying to trip you, don’t fall! When your legs are heavy, when your lungs are burning, don’t fall!" "When you have any excuse to fall…… Just don’t fall!" "Messi sent us a belief: the heavy block outside, not the heart is more powerful than you. Because life is destined to give you more if you don’t fall……" (Xiang Feng)

梅西新广告太励志:梅球王这句无声的话震撼你 梅西新广告   新浪体育讯  在巴萨[微博]2比0击败阿森纳[微博][微博]、梅西独中两元的当天,阿根廷球星的一款新广告完成发布,梅球王成为励志主角。   在这款某运动饮料的新广告中,梅西没有开口,但却向人们讲述着坚持的重要。画面中,多次出现梅西被人拉拽球衣、但依然奋力向前的镜头,而旁白也充满了激励性。 别倒下 梅西成为励志主角   “他们说梅西不怎么说话,他们错了!”旁白说道,“他时刻都在对我们讲述,如果你仔细看,你能听到他在说什么,他在说:‘别倒下,兄弟们、姐妹们,别倒下!’”   广告画面中,后卫们的拉扯、拦截甚至犯规,都无法阻挡梅西继续向前,旁白继续说道:“当生活踢了你,试图绊倒你,别倒下!当你的腿沉重不堪、当你的肺在燃烧,别倒下!”   “当你有一切借口倒下时……就是别倒下!”   “梅西在向我们传递一个信念:外界的重重阻拦,不会比你内心更强大。因为生活注定会给你更多回报,如果你别倒下……”   (向风)相关的主题文章: