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Merrill Lynch or Zhou Shengsheng and Luk Fook rating to buy hot column capital flows thousand thousand shares on stock diagnosis the latest rating simulated trading client Sina Finance client: the most profitable investors have published a report in the level2 market for Hong Kong stocks through institutions Merrill Lynch raised gold cards, 2016-2017 forecast 15% and 9% respectively to 1250 and $1325 plus, product mix changes and operating leverage, which will be the next two years jewelry stocks average forecast earnings per share increased 13% each. The bank also raised Zhou Shengsheng (00116.HK) and six (00590.HK) rating to "buy", mainly because they can best benefit the price of gold rose. Situational analysis of the line shows that the price of gold rose by 10% each, can make jewelry stocks earnings increased 9-16%. Luk Fook and Zhou Shengsheng benefited from lower hedge ratio (15% and 40% respectively), they think the rise in the price of gold is the most favorable, two shares in 2016 forecast of PE about 7 times, assuming that the market for gold stocks in preference to improve, and Zhou Shengsheng is expected to gain market revaluation spacific. However, it is not optimistic about Zhou Dafu (01929.HK), because the company’s gold hedge ratio as high as 70%, the valuation is not attractive, maintain ‘underperform’ rating. It is worth noting that the prospect of the industry remains unchanged, sales performance for the industry to maintain a prudent view that Hong Kong mainland visitors number will fall, the average price of jewelry will continue to decline, the mainland jewelry store also surplus. Merrill Lynch jewelry shares the latest rating target price (table) shares? Rating? Target price Zhou Dafu (01929.HK)? Run the big city? 4.8 yuan Zhou Shengsheng (00116.HK? Buy? 12.5-> 16.8 yuan Fook (00590.HK)? Buy? 14.5-> 18.7 yuan (both) enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

美银美林升周生生及六福评级至买入 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用 港股level2行情 翻看机构底牌   美银美林发表报告,上调金价2016-2017年预测分别15%及9%至1,250及1,325美元,加上产品组合转变和营运杠杆,该行将今明两年珠宝股平均每股盈利预测各上调13%。该行同时调升周生生(00116.HK)及六福(00590.HK)评级至‘买入’,主要由於他们最能受惠金价上升。   该行的情境分析显示,金价每上升10%,可令珠宝股盈利提升9-16%。六福及周生生得益於较低的对冲比例(分别15%及40%),认为他们在金价上升趋势中最为有利,两股2016年预测PE约7倍,假设市场对黄金类股份偏好改善,六福及周生生有望获得市场重估。不过,该行不看好周大福(01929.HK),因为公司的黄金对冲比例高达70%,估值亦不吸引,维持‘跑输大市’评级。   值得留意是,该行对行业前景不变,对行业的销售表现维持审慎看法,认为来港内地旅客数目会下跌,珠宝平均价格会继续下降,内地珠宝店亦出现过剩。   美银美林珠宝股最新评级目标价(表)   股份?评级?目标价   周大福(01929.HK)?跑输大市?4.8元   周生生(00116.HK?买入?12.5->16.8元   六福(00590.HK)?买入?14.5->18.7元(双双) 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: