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Down Syndrome And Its Relation With Cerebral Palsy By: Hima Bindu | Apr 24th 2013 – Down syndrome is a genetic disorder that is characterized by mental retardation as well as delay in normal developmental stages that lasts throughout the life. The severity of this disorder varies from one person to another. Tags: Rehabilitation Jobs By: peter | Mar 1st 2013 – Generally, theses disabilities are classified into physical disabilities such as fine or gross motor ability; sensory disabilities such as low vision, blindness, hearing impairment and developmental disabilities such as autism, cerebral palsy, mental retardation, down syndrome and mental disorders . Causes for these disabi … Tags: Simple Steps To Cure Autism In Kids By: kirti_saxena | Nov 6th 2012 – Most of the parents think that autism is a major brain disorder. They consider it to be a form of mental retardation and hide their children at home without sending them to schools, to play and other places. Tags: Mental Retardation/intellectual Disability & Social Security Disability By: Elijah | Jul 31st 2012 – Many individuals who suffer from an intellectual disability or have been diagnosed along the spectrum of mental retardation (MR) may not be able to hold down a job because of developmental delays or other obstacles to working skills. Tags: Addition In The Kindergarten Setting By: John Cruser | Feb 29th 2012 – In many preschools and child care programs today you can find a growing number of special-needs kids. These kids have disabilities ranging from hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder, speech and language difficulties, blindness, deafness, mental retardation, and physical impairments. Thanks to the Americans with Disabili … Tags: Mental Retardation Among Children By: Ravi Jain | Nov 17th 2011 – Joanna, aged 4 1/2, was interviewed by the director of a preschool when her parents applied to have her enrolled. Joanna smiled a great deal and was interested looking at the toys in the office. The director, however, was concerned about Joanna’s inability to say her own name and address, to .municate basic information ab … Tags: Developmental Disabilities Nurse Questions By: cssawan | Oct 15th 2011 – Developmental disabilities nurses are also called Intellectual nurses or Special need nurses. These nurses care for patients suffering from a number of intellectual and developmental disabilities like mental retardation, pervasive developmental disorders, autism spectrum disorder and many syndromes. A Developmental Disabili … Tags: Get To Know About Down Syndrome By: Chen Siong | Mar 22nd 2011 – Down Syndrome is the .monest genetic disorder in the world. This syndrome is a type of genetic disorders that caused by an extra chromosome 21. Usually, this syndrome will cause the mental retardation on the patient. Tags: Down’s Syndrome In A Nutshell By: Rice Debbie | Feb 23rd 2011 – Down’s Syndrome could be a kind of mental retardation caused by an extra chromosome, resulting in a moderate to severe level of general retardation. Measurable intelligence quotients could vary from twenty to 55. Tags: The Evaluation And Treatment Of Learning Disorders In Children And Adolescents By: Kaynaz Nasseri | Feb 23rd 2011 – Learning Disorders are specific and circumscribed deficits as opposed to Mental Retardation, which includes problems in most of the intellectual functions that reflect general intelligence Tags: Knowing Cerebral Palsy Warning Signs By: Hector Killilea | Feb 1st 2011 – Signs and symptoms of cerebral palsy is often as simple as having difficulty with fine motor tasks like writing or using scissors, or as profound to unable to maintain balance or walk. Seriously afflicted patients often have involuntary movements, including uncontrollable hand motions and drooling. Others are afflicted with … Tags: Exercising Ring Muscles For .plete Wellbeing By: nitish | Dec 27th 2010 – Paula Method provides systematic exercise to cure asthma or pain. Paula Garbourg’s Gymnastics has more than once succeeded where a variety of medical treatments have failed. Tags: Various Mental Treatments: Road Towards A Healthy Living By: nitish | Oct 24th 2010 – The Paula Method has been a proven Self Healing and Drug Free Pain Relief Alternative for over 50 years. Pain Relief Exercising promotes Health a Wellness for Back Pain, Headaches, Depression, Arthritis and Self Healing Pain Relief. Tags: Is There Mental Retardation Present In Your Child With Autism? By: Bonita Darula | May 1st 2010 – You as parent(s), caregiver(s), may believe your child with autism could have mental retardation. Knowing your child, and depending on the age of your child, the level of autism, that is a subject that is not an easy one to expound on. Why? Tags: Group B Strep Leaves Baby With Quadriplegia And Mental Retardation After Pediatrician Missed Signs By: Joseph Hernandez | Dec 1st 2009 – A newborn who contracts Group B Strep (GBS) can very quickly suffer permanent physical and neurological injuries. Given the risk to the baby and the fulminant course of the infection, doctors generally re.mend that antibiotics be administrated as soon as symptoms of infection appear. A failure to do so could make the doc … Tags: Lawsuit Alleging Pediatrician Failed To Timely Treat Baby With Group B Strep Settles For $6,150,000 By: Joseph Hernandez | Nov 18th 2009 – If a baby has a Group B Strep infection any delay in treatment significantly increases the likelihood of the baby suffering a permanent injury or not surviving. This article examines a lawsuit which alleged that as a result of pediatrician’s delay in diagnosing and treating a baby with Group B Strep the baby has an untreat … Tags: Get The Lead Out! Dealing With Hazardous Lead Pipes By: SA HOME | Oct 26th 2009 – By now everyone is aware that lead is not good for you. Lead poisoning has been attributed to mental retardation, organ failure, premature death, and the fall of the Roman Empire. (The Romans used lead in cookware, plumbing, and lots of other things.) Unfortunately, if you have an older house, you may very well have lead pi … Tags: Detailed Information On Mental Retardation By: Juliet | Oct 21st 2008 – Mental retardation is a developmental disability that is marked by lower-than-normal intelligence and limited daily living skills. People who are mentally retarded function at an intellectual level that is below average and have difficulties with learning. Tags: Information On Kernicterus By: Juliet | Oct 3rd 2008 – Kernicterus is a form of brain damage caused by excessive jaundice. It also causes problems with vision and teeth and sometimes can result mental retardation. Tags: Pica Causes Symptoms Information With Treatment By: Juliet | Nov 30th 2007 – Pica is most .mon in people with developmental disabilities, including autism and mental retardation. Pica may also occur in adults who crave a certain texture in their mouth. Tags: Hope For Down Syndrom Patients By: Ethan Miller | Mar 5th 2007 – US scientists recently discovered an old discontinued drug that reduces the mental retardation in mice with a certain form of Down syndrome, according to a study published in the journal of Nature Neuroscience. Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the Down Syndrome Research Centre at Stanford University in … Tags: How To Understand Why Toxins Hurt. By: noviorbis | Dec 23rd 2006 – We are all exposed to thousands of toxins and chemicals on a daily basis at work, in the home, through the air we breathe, our food and water supply, and through the use of pharmaceutical drugs. In addition, we are eating more sugar and processed foods than ever before in human history and regularly abuse our bodies with va … Tags: Medical Resource A List Of Unique Alternative Medicine By: Josh Stone | Dec 7th 2006 – A list of some of the alternative medicine practices you’re likely to encounter in the United States. Some of these are considered border-line acceptable even in the professional medical field, and many understand that this is unfortunate. Tags: Medical Resource A List Of Unusual Alternative Medicine By: Josh Stone | Dec 7th 2006 – A list of some of the alternative medicine practices you’re likely to encounter in the United States. Some of these are considered border-line acceptable even in the professional medical field, and many understand that this is unfortunate. Tags: Autism Diagnosis By: Jonathan Mayheart | Dec 5th 2006 – Autism is a condition that can be treated, this is the prime reason why in suspected autism cases it is best that the diagnose be made earlier than later, it must be pointed out however that autistic behavior is not a frequent thing among health .munities and families, so this should not be a major concern for parents. Ne … Tags: Learn Why Your Body Is At Risk By: Ralph Morton | Nov 18th 2006 – We are all exposed to thousands of toxins and chemicals on a daily basis at work, in the home, through the air we breathe, our food and water supply, and through the use of pharmaceutical drugs. In addition, we are eating more sugar and processed foods than ever before in human history and regularly abuse our bodies with va … Tags: Make The Best Use Of The Services Of Disability Lawyer By: Ashish Jain | Nov 4th 2006 – Even under the most perfect terms and conditions, to get your claim settled in a scheme like Social Security Disability is not that easy. Only when you begin to fill up the prescribed form and read the listing of the documents required- that too, when you are disabled, you feel the necessity to engage the services of a disa … Tags: The Ataxic Cerebral Palsy Nightmare By: Low Jeremy | Oct 27th 2006 – Although the occurrence of ataxic cerebral palsy is quite rare (such type is only accounted for about 5 to 10 percent of the entire cerebral palsy cases), keep in mind that it is still cerebral palsy, and it can cause bothering problems not only on your affected child but also to you as well. The following ar … Tags: Benefits Of Selenium In All Aspects Of Life By: hari | Oct 19th 2006 – Selenium is used in the human body to form selenoproteins which are antioxidants. They are not like other antioxidants which are primarily polyphenols. Tags: Special Education Programs Meeting Student Needs In Nassau County By: Stacy Andell | Oct 14th 2006 – Children’s Readiness Center Student Disability: Significant developmental delays including autism, and mental retardation Student Age: 5 to 8 (Early Elementary) Students who attend this state-of-the-art early education center in Long Island need a highly individualized behavioral … Tags: History Of Cerebral Palsy By: Low Jeremy | Oct 6th 2006 – Cerebral palsy is a physical disability most .mon in childhood basically affecting the movements and posture causing limited activity being attributed to disturbances, which are not progressive occurring in the developing infant or fatal brain. The motor disorders of cerebral palsy are habitually ac.panied by disturbanc … Tags: Weak Cognitive Skills Are Cause Of Learning Disabilities By: Paul Counts | Oct 3rd 2006 – Learning Disabilities affect people in all walks of life each and every day, but the good news is that something can be done to correct them. Tags: Cause Of Cerebral Palsy In Children By: Low Jeremy | Sep 29th 2006 – A child who undergoes a crucial stage during the first few years of his life with some unwanted conditions which is not normal is considered as cerebral palsy. This will usually describe the damaged and impaired development of a child which will include the emotional and mental control of his movement and abilities. … Tags: Expectancy On The Life Of Individuals With Cerebral Palsy By: Low Jeremy | Sep 14th 2006 – Cerebral palsy also known as cerebral paralysis is a disorder that greatly affects body movements. It also pertains to a group of disorder where in the exact cause cannot be traced. Some of its recorded major causes include brain hypoxia, asphyxia, premature birth or birth trauma, particular infections acquired by the mothe … Tags: Learning Disabilites And The Myths Behind Them By: Randy Hutchings | Sep 13th 2006 – You should be able to find several indispensable facts about Learning Disabilities in the following paragraphs. If there’s at least one fact you didn’t know before, imagine the difference it might make. It seems like new information is discovered about something every day. And the topic of Learning Disabilities is no except … Tags: Dangers Of Drinking During Pregnancy By: Douglas Hardwick | Sep 11th 2006 – Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) is caused when alcohol drunk by the mother during pregnancy crosses the placenta, enters the unborn child’s bloodstream, and interferes with normal biological development. Extensive birth defects are associated with FAS. Tags: Some Of The .mon Effective Cerebral Palsy Treatment By: Low Jeremy | Aug 12th 2006 – Does your baby experience difficulty in controlling his head even after three months? Does he have poor swallowing and sucking reflex? And even after several months, he is still not capable of walking? If your kid suffers form all of these, he might be suffering from cerebral palsy. What is cerebral palsy? It … Tags: Symptoms Of Cerebral Palsy By: Low Jeremy | Aug 12th 2006 – You have heard about cerebral palsy and you may wonder if your child has one. Firstly, before you go ahead and think that your child may have cerebral palsy, you first have to know what it is all about. Cerebral palsy is a condition acquired from birth. Cerebral palsy is a form of brain damage where your chil … Tags: Galactose – Everything You Ever Wanted To Know By: Zachary Thompson | Jun 4th 2006 – Galactose is one of the 8 saccharides known as Glyconutrients. They are vital nutrients to the body and are: "� Mannose "� Glucose "� Galactose "� Xylose "� Fucose (not fructose) "� N-acetylglucosamine "� N-acetylneuramic acid "� N-acetylgalactosamine < … Tags: Your Helpful Guide To Cerebral Palsy By: Jake M. Robinson | May 19th 2006 – Cerebral Palsy is a very fatal disease that mainly causes motor impairment that may damage the brain. This results in the symptoms of mental retardation that can be seen in young children. These children with mental disabilities have to face serious problem in interaction with their parent and society. The ma … Tags: Dolphin Assisted Therapy By: Laurent Mikhail | Apr 12th 2006 – Dolphin Assisted Therapy (DAT) has been used as a therapeutic approach in patients who have been diagnosed with some disabilities. Tags: Aicardi Syndrome By: Lpellis Ellis | Mar 5th 2006 – It is a disorder that is categorized by the partial or .plete malfunction of the corpus callosum, a brain structure linking two hemispheres inside it. Aicardi syndrome often causes childhood seizure (intantile spasms), eye abnormality or lesions of the retina, and metal retardation. Aicardi Syndrome is also linked to micr … Tags: Coping With Autism-support For Families By: Christine Dugan | Feb 27th 2006 – Based on the U.S. Department of Education"��s 2002 report to Congress on IDEA the number of students with autism in U.S. schools has increased by 1354% in an eight-year period from 1991-1992 to 2000-2001 (as cited by the Autism Society of America, 2003). This increase is almost fifty times higher than all disabilities (excl … Tags: Pregnancy And The Parvo Virus B19 By: Natron Chango | Feb 22nd 2006 – A pregnant woman can be attacked by the B19 virus. This occurrence is usually not life-threatening since many pregnant women are already immune to the virus. This immunity will also protect the unborn child. But sometimes, the pregnant woman will be easily fatigued and have mucous discharges from her nose. There are ris … Tags: 相关的主题文章: