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Mengniu suddenly Huanshuai lead to industry speculation Sun Yiping’s resignation or performance of the original title: Mengniu suddenly Huanshuai lead to industry speculation Sun Yiping. Lu Minfang. Picture September 15th Mid Autumn Festival reunion, Mengniu suddenly released a major personnel changes in the announcement, Mengniu more than 4 years Sun Yiping suddenly announced his resignation, and her replacement is from the second largest shareholder of Mengniu, Danone, Lu Minfang. For a time, Mengniu Huanshuai incident caused widespread concern, the industry of the reasons for his departure also Public opinions are divergent. Mengniu’s third president resigned late in September 15th, Mengniu announced that Sun Yiping resigned as executive director of the company, the president and members of the strategy and development committee. With Danone background Ashley President Lu Minfang from the hands of Sun Yiping took the helm as president of Mengniu. At the same time, Mengniu holding Ashley also announced that Ashley Sun Yiping resigned as non-executive chairman of the board of directors and Ashley, Lu Minfang no longer serve as president. However, Ashley’s new president is still vacant, the company said, is considering at the appropriate time of appointment as the new president candidate to fill the vacancy in this transition period, President Lu Minfang will continue to perform their functions. In April 2012, when he was chairman of COFCO Changning Gao Ning preordination, designated as COFCO "airborne", Sun Yiping as Yang Wenjun became the third president of mengniu. And Niu Gensheng, the two president of Mengniu, the founder of the different, Sun Yiping can only be said to be a professional manager of Mengniu, Yang Wenjun. Data show that the 49 year old Sun Yiping joined the COFCO group in 1993, served as deputy general manager of Swire Guangdong Coca-Cola Ltd, general manager of Hainan Coca-Cola Beverage Co. Ltd., COFCO Property (Group) deputy general manager of Limited by Share Ltd. – Sun Yiping officially resigned for personal reasons for Sun Yiping’s resignation, Mengniu official statement is: the need for personal occupation development to the board of directors resigned, the board of directors accepted her resignation. Over the past four years, Sun Yiping led the team to continue to promote the "internationalization of Mengniu, + digital" strategy, focusing on creating the star brand, focus on improving product quality, liquid milk and yogurt market share continue to maintain the industry first. For the efforts and contributions made during the tenure of President Sun Yiping, the board fully affirmed and appreciated. For the successor Lu Minfang, Mengniu said in particular that it is recommended by COFCO, approved by the board of directors. Mengniu Board believes that under the leadership of Lu Minfang, Mengniu Dairy will continue to focus on quality and innovation, to provide consumers with more and better quality products. The 47 year old Lu Minfang in 2015 as Mengniu Dairy holdings group president ashley. According to the announcement of Ashley, Lu Minfang served as vice president of Danone China early life nutrition company post, has served in the Danone Group and Danone’s Dumex Baby Food Co. Ltd. for more than 10 years. Lu Minfang has a wealth of FMCG and dairy company management experience, the Chinese market has a full understanding and knowledge. – industry analysis may be due to performance issues from the "listed company executives to resign, said to be the original person)相关的主题文章: