Media talk about the country foot defeat really weak God was crying – Sohu news winbook

The media talk about the Orangemen "defeat": really weak God has been crying in soccer news – Sohu lost. JINGWAH Times reporter Pan Zhiwang fans sad cry. JINGWAH Times reporter Pan Zhiwang took the oath before the game to take the three points of the Chinese team, the fight down for 90 minutes, and let the national fans disappointed. Last night, in the Shaanxi province stadium Chinese team field play no tricks, either the road or sidewalk did not create a decent attack, but also because of the failure of goalkeeper Gu super opponents scored a goal in the final 0 1 team lost to Syria. At this point, round finish, Chinese team 1 flat 2 negative have not won the championship, only 1 points, qualifying the situation is not optimistic. At the goalkeeper mistakes gift sent to Syria China team and the Syria team previously had 9 times a game of international confrontation, Chinese team with 6 wins 1 flat 2 negative into 21 ball lost 7 ball scores, occupy absolute advantage. In the face of the same group of weaker rivals, the Orangemen goal only to win. Not from outside of the expected Gao Hongbo last night, 442 discharge formation, defensive line, Zhao Mingjian, Zhang Lin, Feng Xiaoting and Ren hang? Lined up in front of Huang Bowen; and Hao Junmin and Zhang Xizhe in midfield, Yu Hai appeared on the left; Zhang Yuning and Gao Lin up front. After the Chinese team came to attack, trying to get a goal as soon as possible. But in the face of the Syria team China team prepared to meet the challenge, in addition to the kick fourteenth minutes Huang Bowen hit a little high threat, and did not create a good opportunity. The midfielder played no tricks, the two sides also do not come out to play, the first half of the 0 to 0 score is reasonable. After the easy side, Gao Hongbo with the ability to break the stronger Jiang Zhipeng replaced, so that the Chinese team appeared again on the field 5 guards. Fifty-second minutes, Zhang Xizhe periphery was at Lengjian, but did not hit the goal area. Fifty-third minutes, Syria midfielder delivery behind the ball, Gu Chao boldly out of the penalty area rescue has sent a gift horse gas push Kongmen succeeded, China team 0 to 1 behind. A goal behind, and the sky to float the rain, Chinese team did not retreat, Wu Lei and Yang Xu have his play, but played more irritable China team on the pitch a lift, and could not impose a big threat to the opponent’s defence. Seventy-third minutes, the Syria team play fast counter, Helibin tuishe goal line in front of the crossbar, China team again escaped. In the last 20 minutes, the Chinese team playing on the ground did not create a good opportunity, only to accept the results of the loss of 0 to 1. Having lost the initiative, Chinese team has lost the qualification, can only go step by step. The team hope Zhang Zhe thin frontcourt core Xizhe can create a miracle in the future to do so last night Guoan appear on the first, and a symbol of the core 10. But 90 minutes down, Zhang and his teammates did not expect to win. I want to win in the land, after throwing the ball mentality too anxious, can not it up, behind the 7 ball that can create a miracle." After Zhang Xizhe reluctantly said. When it comes to pre deployment, Zhang Xizhe said: "we all want to get three points, because in Syria than in the previous two opponents are weak, but we are also in the home court blessed sensitive相关的主题文章: