Means trouble Yiwu 15 month old baby fever 39.5

"Means" trouble Yiwu 15 month old baby fever 39.5 degrees 15 month old boy accidentally scalded parents not to take him to the hospital, but with drugs on their own soil, resulting in a high fever of 39.5 degrees. It happened in the morning of November 13th, a little boy was admitted to the pediatric consulting room of Yiwu Fuyuan hospital, through temperature measurement, the temperature was as high as 39.5 children, already belongs to the high fever. In the examination, the doctor did not find the child in the cold, cough and other symptoms, then what is the cause of the child fever? Then by asking that the little boy is small, only 15 months old, from Yunnan, now living in Yiwu West street. Two days ago, when the child was playing, accidentally overturned the kettle, causing part of the trunk burns. The child’s father said, has been in the hospital for treatment, and also for the children on the home of the soil medicine, it should be nothing serious. Look at the expression of pain small, doctor immediately into the burn department for further examination. Take off layers of clothing, burn doctors finally saw burns Xiaowen, saw their arms, legs, and torso, all wrapped in thick gauze, the gauze has penetrated and Taupe like trace. The doctor quickly removed gauze, found that the child’s wound has begun to swelling, purulent, and because of the drug package, there are still a lot of residue on the wound. Subsequently, the doctor immediately to the Department of burn wound cleaning, found the body of the boy 10% area burns, and are in the II – III ° ° burns, but because the package for a long time, there are a lot of places of the wound has brown, and the wound infection is the main cause of the fever. After treatment, the temperature today Xiaowen has gradually returned to normal, the mental state is also gradually improved. Look at the man smiled again, his father regrets said: "these herbs are brought from home, before the village was burned by this, so he also to see small text burn up, but fortunately did not cause what mistake ah, if it is really what, I can’t forgive myself." The doctor warned: if you encounter burn scald in life, except for the first time to wash the wound with cold water, if the wound is serious, we must promptly to the hospital, do not own medicine, to avoid causing two wound on the wound, and the color of drug coated, will increase the difficulty of the doctor treated the wound.相关的主题文章: