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A "village Absurd — the viewpoint married management fees" — recently, the official website of the Commission informed the 101 unwholesome tendencies and corruption against the interests of the masses, involving 28 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government. Among them, Shaanxi Province County Chengguan Street rich village Party branch secretary and village committee Wu Xiaobin, Wang Qianyu accounting violations charged 19 people in the household registration management fees, management fees 46 thousand and 500 yuan village girl married. Two per person being expelled from the party, and was transferred to judicial organs according to law. (people’s daily news in September 8th), the rich village Party branch secretary Wu Xiaobin against another, trying to gauge, management fees, for the sake of personal interests, the party’s rules, countries to ignore the law, the concept of party spirit is lost, should be subject to reasonable punishment. "Married women management fee" the project is really ironic, eating a national salary of Party cadres to do such absurd things, it’s a sigh, as the way of management, the man to marry a wife to charge management fees, the death of the elderly to receive funeral expenses, children born to collect fees. In the final analysis, or national law and local regulations on the lost binding, the village Party branch and village committee also became the cashier personal money "". As everyone knows, with eighteen years of corruption, strict spanking, fierce tiger flies, the work style of the National Party members and cadres of the fundamental change, from top to bottom to form a good situation and a delicate gas is. But some of the party members and cadres do not repent, disguised corruption, saying: a little difficult, hades. That is like a small village cadres chinakayao officer. The village Party branch, village committee is the national minimum management agencies, is the national social operation of the capillary, the sparrow is small but perfectly formed, the country more than 180 villages, each village Party branch secretary and village director, the national agricultural population under the management, with remarkable. So under high pressure, but also such problems, the author thinks that there are three reasons: first, Party members and cadres at the village level generally low cultural level, education conditions, resulting in the spirit of education and the concept of purpose has been weakened. Second, the rural information conditions are relatively occlusion, farmers lack of understanding of national policies and laws and regulations, easy to be a variety of unreasonable charges fraud. Third, discipline inspection and supervision department of human and material resources are limited, for violation of discipline violations of the village level is not in place. General secretary Xi Jinping once said, "the village in the end of the implementation of the guidelines and policies of the party, is the foundation of our party building, all of you can say is this foundation reinforcement, the seat is not high, but a great responsibility." Village Party members and cadres is the basis of management, only to grasp the main line of village management, build up the party education, management, punishment mechanism, in order to allow the masses to enjoy happiness, peace of mind. Only solve the problem of huge agricultural most people living in China and take control of the village cadres, village cadres hold hand mouth, let the village cadres real stride leg, for the well-being of the rural masses, to keep the state wheel steady progress. (commissioning editor Dong Xiaowei and Wen Songhui)相关的主题文章: