Manzano responded to the current strength of Shenhua extension is very difficult to play AFC

Manzano responded to the current strength of extension, Shenhua hit hard AFC Champions League Manzano responded to deal with the current strength of Shenhua hit hard AFC Champions League sina sports Manzano on December 21, 2015 afternoon, Manzano aboard the flight AF5202 from Paris to Shanghai. At that time, Shenhua and Manzano signed a contract to the 1+1, to activate the +1 contract terms, Manzano must achieve the goal of the contract: march into the 2017 season league AFC Champions League. This season, Manzano coached the Shenhua, Manzano finally let Shenhua AFC Champions League say goodbye to 1992 days after the announcement return. Sina sports exclusive interview with Mr. Manzano, on the topic of renewal, Manzano gave his answer. Manzano cautious response to the renewal of topic led the result has been activated renewal terms of Manzano, what time to open contract talks with the club? Are there any prospects and expectations for the results? Manzano said: in fact, has not yet begun negotiations, I still prefer the end of the league, and the club to talk about." When asked whether it is going to continue coaching next season Shenhua Manzano said: "the main goal is to want to listen to the club, the club for the next season, the next year the investment, the extension also is the competitive level is able to impress me, I will consider more things, mainly to see the various aspects of the club planning." At this time, we and if Mr. Manzano and the Shenhua to complete his contract, so he thought Shenhua team need to improve in what aspects, finally let the team continue to improve? Manzano gives the answer is: because of the specific details of the link, I am not a good expression, but I want to say is that a team will always have room for improvement. No matter what the team, even in a strong team, he still has room for improvement. As in the green Shenhua, took over after the third year, took over the green time is not long, want to become a strong team of Shenhua, Shenhua again, in fact, always need to improve in all aspects, not only in terms of personnel, it is not only in the aspect of decision-making, there is need to structure. Do improve." To improve this handsome man bluntly "structure" team is the strength of the war AFC Champions League Manzano said it is difficult to ask what is? Manzano said: "this structure refers to the facilities, is the site of hardware, some of our scouts need equipment, communications equipment, and is used for some players rehabilitation equipment, the need to improve because now Shenhua, which we are not doing well." A perfect process if the season Shenhua club into the man handsome looking, into a continuous improvement in the process of investment, Mr Manzano believes that the next season Shenhua team in the AFC Champions League arena can do a performance goal? In this regard, Manzano said: now can not answer this question, everything is still in the assumption that in the next year is not sure whether to renew the contract, do not know the case next year, is unable to answer this question. Maybe this problem is in the degree相关的主题文章: