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Figure 300 thousand tangled buy what car? The test answer Trailer – page first: BMW Brilliance Automotive Sohu X1   auto Sohu [evaluation]; if someone put a question to you, "three hundred thousand can buy what car?" I believe you will hesitate to answer. Yes, actually think carefully, this is not surprising, in each of the major manufacturers to launch different types of cars can be said that it is more difficult to, and each consumer to choose a car with demand and use their own different, how to choose suitable models is the most important, so it is a big test of the us. In the test list, we were chosen according to different characteristics of several different types of models for testing, including compact SUV, medium-sized cars, large cars and new energy electric vehicle. At the same time, we choose this kind of models, the topic of strong, high degree of concern of the models tested, the models can only represent the characteristics and quality of its own, does not have the reference in the absolute level, after all the purpose and requirements of different consumers choose different cars, no car can be suitable for all the test process so hopefully we can choose the car in your help to you. Because we are testing for the us everything in good order and well arranged, we bring the trailer, is mainly to introduce the several models of appearance, interior design and dynamic characteristics, their specific performance and test results will be presented in the next chapter in the test, at the same time in the process of testing we, members of the "three Wang Zunan" in the team will be involved, as we read in detail this several car drops, please look forward to! OK, let’s start by introducing a few models for the test! – BMW X1 – listed time: May 20, 2016 – the price range: 28.60-43.90 million – level models: compact SUV (Editor: pay fourth page: Lexus ES Komatsu) – Lexus ES – the price range: 29.80-49.80 million – level models: after large car after six generation change, the new Lexus ES in 2015 in August 18th officially listed, the new ES00 car price is below the 300 thousand mark, the vehicle imported Japanese luxury brand in good faith. We chose to test models is ES300h, this is equipped with TOYOTA mature hybrid technology models attention is very high, at the same time it has promised six years one hundred and fifty thousand km warranty and maintenance policy, can be said to further enhance their competitive force, but also allow consumers to get more affordable. To tell the truth ES300h is not a competing product models, that is the same price of luxury brands no hybrid models available, ES is thriving. So we also deliberately ES300h this model to join the ranks of the test, in detail for you to interpret the situation of this car, with)相关的主题文章: