Man in front of the mother in front of her girlfriend

The man is in the "mother-in-law" before the support surface collar girlfriend robbery correspondent Yao Zhiyan to reporter Ma Zheng in the "mother-in-law" before filling the scenes, pretend to be rich, Jilin lad egg Zhang turned his girlfriend Zhuanghe girl lvmou robbery. In the first time after the robbery succeeded, the couple became a get out of hand, thief, robbery and theft 16. The day before, the suspect Zhang Lu, was Zhuanghe police arrest. A woman in Zhuanghe Lu and Jilin guy Zhang met and fell in love with the work. Zhang limited economic conditions, this marriage did not get lvmou family recognition. Zhang this is very distressed, only to do a banquet, but did not receive a marriage certificate. One day Lu’s brother to open a shop, not enough money, he borrowed money from his mother. Lu mother did not have money, they find Lu and Zhang, to borrow money from them. In fact, Zhang did not have money at this time, but he understood that the refusal of the mother’s law will only bring a bad impression to the Lu family, on the contrary, if he lent a family of Lu Qian’s money, will naturally be added to the heart of a mother lu. He readily agreed, "mother-in-law" second heaven he promised it to take the money. Send off the mother-in-law, he closed the door to discuss with Lu: I had to work in the apartment upstairs in the house of Li Moujia in the money, tonight we go to his house to steal some money spent." This idea actually got the consent of lu. That night around zero, Zhang and Lu Li came home downstairs, let Zhang lvmou lookout downstairs, his climb to the top floor, and from the roof of the Lee family went to the bedroom window on the north side of the sub Xiamen, Xiamen turned on, he opened the bedroom window, enter the room. He was in the kitchen with a fruit knife, then stole some jewels in the four floor of the hall on the shelf, and then holding a fruit knife straight to the five floor of Lee’s bedroom, in the bedroom door with white gauze he prepared a disguise and shouted: "give me money!" Li Mougang wanted to get up and he forced Lee’s neck with a knife, and said to her, "don’t shout! Someone gave me fifty thousand dollars to kill you, I can’t bear to kill you, you give me some money, when money I go." Lee was scared, hurried from the bedside backpack and pulled out a wad of money to him. Zhang too, urged Lee to continue to take money, Lee began to turn on the lights, Zhang zhi. In the dark, Zhang led Lee came to the front of the safe. Lee took out the money from the safe to Zhang, Zhang threatened to get money after Lee is not allowed to escape from the original road alarm. The first two people robbery, Zhang grabbed a total of $20000. Zhang generous to take out eight thousand yuan of money to let Lu "mother-in-law", the rest of the money was squandered two people. Two people have tasted the sweetness of ever more brazenly steal, robbery. Once even in the victim’s car keys and steal out of the garage door opener, the victim of the Mazda car to Jilin Changchun ready to sell, because of fear of exposure will not implement, throw the car in a nearby slaughterhouse. The day before, the suspect Zhang lvmou was Zhuanghe police arrest two people. After appearing in court, two people of the robbery, theft of 16, involving a value of more than 20 yuan confessed to the crime.相关的主题文章: