Male leader pleaded guilty and sentenced to death in Hong

Mainland tourists in Hong Kong male leader was sentenced to death case pleaded guilty to the original title: mainland tourists in Hong Kong’s death: male leader jailed in Hongkong news agency, pleaded guilty in February 5, Heilongjiang man Miao Chunqi (Ceng Ping) in October last year the delegation to Hong Kong Tourism Shopping dispute attack, followed by death, the autopsy report refers to the cause of death is heart disease. Liu Yang, a 32 year old male leader of the mainland, pleaded guilty to 4 ordinary attacks on the 3 day and was sentenced to 3 months’ imprisonment in 5 days. His lawyer applied for bail in court and waited for the appeal to be granted. On the day of the prosecution, the Court played several surveillance videos at the time of the incident. The video shows at the jewelry store outside the Chunqi Miao people around the wall, when the attack once fell to the ground, after a few seconds to get up. Judge Luo Wei pointed out that the case was serious, but taking into account the defendant Liu Yang is not the initiator, and after the initiative to return to Hong Kong surrender, so give commutation. The other 2 defendants were 44 year old Hongkong tour guide Hu Yannan and 32 year old mainland female tour guide Deng Haiyan. Hu Yannan and Liu Yang had been accused of manslaughter, the autopsy report came out after the prosecution to amend the charges. Hu Yannan denied 2 ordinary attacks on the 3 day, and the case will be examined in March 30th. Deng Haiyan was accused of 3 ordinary attacks, because of his absence in 3, the magistrate issued an arrest warrant to him. (Editor): editor in chief: SN226

内地游客在港死亡案男领队认罪被判刑   原标题:内地游客在港死亡案:男领队认罪判囚   中新社香港2月5日电 (曾平)黑龙江男子苗春起去年10月随团到港旅游因购物争执遇袭,其后死亡,验尸报告指其死因是心脏病。涉案的32岁内地男领队刘洋3日承认4项普通袭击罪,5日在港被判3个月即时监禁,其代表律师当庭申请保释等候上诉获批。   控方当天在庭上播放事发时的数段监控录像。录像显示,苗春起在事发珠宝店外被多人围于墙边,遇袭时曾一度倒地,数秒后自行起身。   裁判官罗德泉指,案件严重,但考虑到被告刘洋并非始作俑者,且事后主动回港自首,所以给予减刑。   另外2名涉案被告分别是44岁香港导游胡彦南和32岁内地女导游邓海燕。胡彦南和刘洋曾一度被控一项误杀罪,死者验尸报告出来后控方修订控罪。胡彦南3日否认2项普通袭击罪,案件将于3月30日预审。邓海燕被控3项普通袭击罪,因其3日缺席应讯,裁判官对其发出拘捕令。(完) 责任编辑:苏未然 SN226相关的主题文章: