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Male and female toilet peeping Shao Yangyi wonderful woman was detained for 4 days in the original title: dual wonderful male and female toilet peeping hidden woman was detained for 4 days in Shaoyang Huasheng online news September 17th September 4th, Shaoyang City Public Security Bureau police station arrested illegal Shuangqing square violation of the privacy of others Wu Li (pseudonym), cracked the case of infringement of privacy. 23 pm the same day, the female victim Zhang (a pseudonym) received the alarm, said it was a man peeping privacy, please police police. Police quickly rushed to the location of Zhang instructions, the man summoned to the police station for investigation. The picture for the network with pictures for the network map identified, the man named Wu Li, in the morning, with a 5 year old daughter to a unit of work, work process, the daughter to go to the toilet, Wu Li with her daughter accidentally broke into the unit female toilet, simply let her in one small room toilet. The toilet each small room are separated by a baffle plate, and are respectively provided with a door, Wu Li in waiting for her toilet, heard the toilet a small room inside the ring, judge whether there are women in the toilet, the body can be possessed by ghosts, lying on the ground, through a small door gap between women peeping inside Zhang privates, in Zhang complete hand ready to come out, Wu Li quickly slipped out of the toilet, the toilet in the aisle see Zhang after returning to take her daughter out of the toilet. To be a peep Zhang this thing did not know, at this time Li Wu can like lost souls, trying to join friends back home, Zhang WeChat, evening issued some obscene information to Zhang, can be said to me in the female toilet today through the door below the gap, stole your genitals, too good, now remember, himself, is masturbation. Zhang received information, to the extreme anger, telling his family, then taking a Wu Li address, reported to the police. The picture for the network with Wu Li is for administrative detention for 4 days. (Huasheng online correspondent Zhang Judao) recommended Video: Shaoyang born mother missing seventy male nanny taking care of grandma with light savings相关的主题文章: