Major Chinese third generation missile bellipotent and Russian military channel level – Sohu-3344111

Major: Chinese third generation missile bellipotent and Russian equivalent – Sohu Military Channel Map: China red flag -9 missile system. According to Xinhua news agency, 28, Chinese air force spokesman Shen colonel in the air force "hero camp" said, to create the world’s first use of ground to air missile to shoot down enemy planes precedent "hero camp", Chinese equipment independently developed the third generation of surface to air missile, has a combat capability. Military expert Yin Zhuo told, China’s third generation of surface to air missile weapon system of missile weapon not only itself to achieve the system development, but also built a security information system of missile combat capability. Chinese third generation of surface to air missile have realized the system development according to Yin Zhuo, the third generation of surface to air missile Chinese air force equipment with strong combat capability, in the complex electromagnetic environment of multiple target tracking, identification, lock and attack, and the U.S. patriot -3, Russian S-300, S-400 and three generation missile at the same technical level. The third generation of the mobile missile launch, can be deployed in the theater or the army field air defense task; you can also perform the task, deployed in the coastal areas, large and medium-sized city, large ports, nuclear base or major command and communication center; this kind of missile weapon system with convenient transport and can be carried out by large remote delivery transport. In addition, China’s third generation missile also boarded the warship, with strong air and sea targets strike capability and anti-jamming ability. According to Shen Jinke introduction, appeared on the Victory Day military parade on the red flag -9 missile, mainly used in the fight against all types of air raid target, is my army high altitude long-range air defense equipment; red flag -12 Sam, is a new type of high-altitude anti-aircraft weapons China designed; the red flag -6 gun, the army is a new generation of terminal defense weapon the missile equipment, high precision and high speed implementation of antiaircraft artillery air defense interceptor terminal. Yin Zhuo said, Chinese third generation of surface to air missile has been formed far, near and very short series configuration, including a range of hundreds of kilometers of red -9, high-altitude interceptor missiles and red flag -16 red -12, low air intercept missile gun, and the gun for the red flag -6 super low altitude supersonic anti-ship missile is one the system, combined with electronic reconnaissance and electronic jamming facilities, so they formed a complete defense system, "can anyone who dares to violate our airspace in the country to pay a heavy price." July 24th, CCTV news network has exposed the middle of China’s anti missile test video screen, aroused public concern about the development of China’s anti missile weapons. Today, anti ballistic missile capability, we not only have the end of anti ballistic missile capabilities today, also has the ability to intercept ballistic missiles in the middle. Yin Zhuo pointed out that "ability" this is not any country with the midcourse missile interception of target search, discovery, tracking, recognition, and guide the missile strikes are very difficult, need a strong information support system. China has not only realized the development of missile weapon system, but also built up the information system to guarantee the actual capability of missile. May be used to deal with other countries.相关的主题文章: