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Lv Bin: I wish my brother bear after Rio won special for curb he (click to watch HD photos) sina sports news on February 11th, in Sichuan Luzhou CCTV first day of the new year trophy Chinese champion battle game occupation boxing PK Olympic boxing in the Olympic Games on behalf of the Rio Chinese, APB personal occupation champion Lv Bin 3 than 0 beat Chinese only got to determine four organization occupation gold belt player Xiong Zhaozhong. After Lv Bin and Xiong Zhaozhong hug, happily on the line CCTV commemorative gold belt, in the lounge, Lv Bin took off his hand bandage to change the trousers, while accepted an interview with the reporter, at the end of the race and Xiong Zhaozhong embrace the moment, you say what? Lv Bin said, "I said thank you Xiong, Xiong Xiong and I said," wish me good results in Rio. ". Let’s do it with a fist, and that hug shows friendship. I have the opportunity to train with him, we are rivals on the ring, friends under the ring." For this game, Lv Bin said: "Xiong played well is still good, I have been calm in the game, hoping to play more clearly. Before we rush for deft good preparation for his former, today I to his hand before the swing was defending well. It should be normal to play their own level." What is the difference between the confrontation against Xiong Zhaozhong and the match between APB and world champion Zaki Boff in 2013? Lv Bin said: "we can not simply compare personal personal proficiency in a particular line, have their own strengths." In today’s game, although Lv Bin Xiong Zhaozhong hit many times, but his hands are more impressive. Especially in the Xiong Zhaozhong repeatedly forced to the side rope, unable to play efficient attack, 4-5 punches are empty, can not hit a fatal injury. In this regard, Lv Bin said: "the opponent is not sandbags, Xiong Zhaozhong is also the world’s professional gold belt player, not joking, he is also strong, at this point, but also to admit that his powerful containment of my offensive play." Finally, to win the game with Xiong Zhaozhong, Lv Bin think, "really set up a strong confidence for themselves, only their strong, to do the strong ring."." (Zhou Chao)

吕斌:熊哥赛后祝我里约夺冠 专门备战遏制他 (点击观看高清组图)   新浪体育讯  2月11日,在四川泸州进行的CCTV贺岁杯中国拳王争霸战第一天——职业拳击PK奥运拳击的比赛中,中国的里约奥运会代表、APB个人职业冠军吕斌3比0一致判定击败了中国唯一拿到过四大组织职业金腰带的选手熊朝忠。   赛后吕斌和熊朝忠拥抱后,高兴地系上了CCTV的纪念金腰带,在休息室,吕斌一边脱下护手绷带开始换长裤,一边接受了记者的采访,在最后比赛完和熊朝忠拥抱的瞬间,你们说了什么么?   吕斌说:“我说谢谢熊哥,熊哥和我说祝我里约取得好成绩。我们还是以拳会友吧,这拥抱显示了友情。有机会我很想和他一起训练,我们擂台上是对手,擂台下是朋友。”   对于本场比赛,吕斌说:“熊哥发挥得还是很好的,我在比赛中一直保持冷静,希望可以打得更清晰一些。赛前我们针对他的前手快抢做了很好的准备,今天我对他的前手摆拳的防守做得很好。应该算是正常发挥了自己的水平了。”   和熊朝忠的对抗与在APB的赛场与2013年世界冠军扎基波夫的比赛有什么区别?吕斌说:“不能简单地进行对比,个人有个人的一技之长,都有自己的长处。”   在今天的比赛中,吕斌虽然击中熊朝忠的次数很多,但是他的空拳比较多也给人留下了深刻印象。特别是在把熊朝忠多次逼到边绳上后,无法打出有效率的进攻,4-5拳都击空,打不出有伤害性的致命打击。   关于这一点,吕斌说:“对手不是沙袋,熊朝忠也是世界职业金腰带的选手,不是开玩笑,他也是很强的,在这一点上还是要承认他的强大遏制了我的进攻发挥。”   最后,能赢得和熊朝忠的比赛,吕斌认为,“确实给自己树立了很强的信心,只有自己强大了,才能做擂台的强者。”(周超)相关的主题文章: